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Did You Know Skipping ALT Text to Your Images Hurts Your SEO Badly?

ALT text is important. If you are adding images without adding ALT text, then get ready to see a HUGE drop in SERPs because this is what something matters in good SEO.

Alt image which is also called alt attribute, alt description, alt text, or sometimes alt tag, is mainly a snippet of in-depth information that describes what the image shows. 

The practice of setting alt text was originally developed to help people who are visually impaired so they can understand what the specific image portrays when the reader has to pass on information to someone. It helps improve the browsing experience as well.

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When you upload some image to your website, it’s recommended to make it a habit to set the alt tag carefully. By adding alt tags to your image, you are ensuring that your website is properly optimized and the image is also conveying the right information about the product. In case you don’t set alt tags, your images and the entire webpage do not get crawled or indexed by Google. An image with correct Alt tags contributes to how the webpage will be indexed and ranked on search results.

Alt tags are important for four vital reasons:

How to Set up Good ALT Tags?

When it comes to setting up an alt tag for the image, it is recommended to follow some best practices

Provide Good Context

First of all, you need to make sure that the image you upload is perfectly relevant to the topic of your webpage. Your images will only be displayed when they are adding the original value and improving the user experience.
At White Links, our team always discourages the pages where the images and text are not properly tagged or chosen. So, it’s better to choose the right image that aligns with the text, and then give it the relevant name for proper indexing.

Shorter Alt Text

Another good practice is, to keep the text shorter so it can deliver more value to the users. Short alt texts are more likely to be crawled and indexed by Google. It’s also recommended to enter the topic name or the main keyword when using alt text for the image.
Do not stuff it with unlimited keywords as Google always disfavors such antics and it won’t show up in Google images as the image is not attributed well based on the Google-approved guidelines.

Construct Logical URLs

If you want search engines to index your page in a short time, then it’s recommended to create logical URLs for the images which properly reflect your webpage as well. Google always considers the URL path and the file name to understand the context and theme of the image. Our experts organize your image content so that we can construct all the URLs logically and effectively. With a logical URL, your image will have a better chance to rank in Google images.

Impacts of ALT Text on SEO

Better Web Visibility

It offers better web visibility for visually impaired people and they can communicate using alt tags.

Proper Indexing

With Alt tags in place, search engines can properly index and crawl your webpages which improves the chances of ranking high.

Well-organized Image Files

Your website will have well-organized image files in the database and you can easily choose any image whenever you want.

Tools for ALT Image Checker

Certain tools help you check if you are using the correct text for images on the website. Some of the common tools are ADresults, SEOptimer, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes sure. A bad alt tag will be something like: 

<img src=“company.png” alt=“picture of company”>

However, a good alt tag will be more like:

 <img src=“company.png” alt=“SEO company”>

Yes, alt tags improve user experience and help Google to understand the context of your image and content. As a result, your website can rank well in search results.

The ideal length should be less than 100 characters. 

You can find the prices in our pricing packages. However, if you want a custom quote based on your needs, you can consult with our specialists and discuss your needs.