Skyrocket your Ranking and Authority with the Best Tier 2 Backlinks

Can tier 2 link building raise your ranking on Google and beat your competitors? Well, yes! It’s a powerful strategy that delivers incredible results with time. Find out how White Links can help you with that.

Facing a Substantial Drop in Ranking? This is What tier 2 link building Can Fix

Every external link that points to some page that is linked to your website is called a tier 2 link building. This type of backlinking involves a 2 tier backlink hierarchy.

A first-tier backlink is your main traditional link that directly points to your website, while a second-tier backlink is the other external link that points to the page having the first-tier backlink.

For example, if we post a link to your website on your Facebook, it’s a first-tier backlink. But when we link this Facebook post in our tweet, it will be a second-tier backlink.

That tweeted link is a 2nd tier backlink, and the Facebook post will be the first-tier backlink. So, in case you are facing a substantial drop in your rankings, it’s time to upgrade your strategy and go for the best tier 2 backlinks building service by White Links professionals.

Why Use Tier 2 link building for SEO?

Many people wonder why they should choose tier 2 link building when they are already doing the first-tier one. Well, the best tier 2 backlinks building comes with plenty of benefits, such as

Best Practices for 2nd- Tier Link Building

 For getting guaranteed success in 2nd tier link building, it’s important to follow some best practices.

Make Natural

The best part about our second tier link building is, that we tend to make every link as natural as we can. Natural links provide real value to the overall process and have long-term impacts on your SEO. These links set the foundation of high ranking in SERPs. Moreover, they also drive more traffic, engagements, and leads..

Prioritize High-Quality Content

Our main priority is creating high-quality content for second tier link building. Its also recommended to build 2nd tier links with forum comments or other methods, but the content MUST be of high-quality and engaging because good content makes your linking more natural and have the ability to earn recognition.

Target Successful 1st-Tier Links

Our experts figure out which of the first-tier links are more successful and popular both in terms of authority and traffic. These successful first-tier links are our primary targets for second tier link building because these links prove great support to your second-tier links and help generate more authority and trust.

Why Choose White Links?

Guaranteed Results

White Links offer 100% guaranteed results and satisfaction within a scheduled duration. Unlike other services, we go the extra mile to achieve desired results.

Qualified Team

We only work with a qualified team that has relevant knowledge and expertise, so we can bring results that you have always imagined.

Dedicated Account Manager

We assign a dedicated account manager for your project that updates you about every step and progress and keep you in a loop always.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tiered backlinks means building links from a variety of sources that point to your website. This is a successful strategy to generate more quality backlinks, traffic, and ranking on Google.

Our experts incorporate keywords that are frequently been used by your audiences. We make sure that we include all the primary keywords so we can further increase their position in SERPs.

Well, second tier link building takes some time to deliver results. It is a lengthy process, and it takes time to build different links on different platforms. You will need 3-4 months to see results with tier 2 link building.

There are lots of benefits of tier 2 link building. You can see a slight increase in your traffic initially which skyrockets with time. Second-tier backlinks increase the authority of your site and ranking in Google search results. Moreover, your website’s reputation also improves with time.