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Did you ever wish that there is some handy way to create meta tags for your website? Well, it’s not that daunting to do it today. We have made it simple. We create perfect meta tags for you to attract the right customers always!

Are Your Pages Filled with Duplicate Meta tags? Do Not Panic. We are Here to Help

It’s common. Many websites are either filled with duplicate meta tags or are empty. If yours is also facing the same issue, do not panic. We can help you as we have helped hundreds of others too.

Many people do not know enough about meta tags as they are a bit technical term, especially for newbies and business owners. 

Well, meta tags have been around since… we can remember! And yes, they really affect your rankings as well. Meta tags are important areas in your HTML code that comprise relevant info about your webpage. 

They are only visible in the code and you cannot see them. Search engines like Google use these meta tags to determine how the page will look and display.

Why Meta Tags are Important?

Meta tags play a vital role in ranking your webpage. Especially using perfect meta title and description is extremely important to ensure that your webpage is SEO optimized from all aspects. 

Meta tags are shown by Google just as a small text item in the search results. When you search for something on Google, you see a small two lines of text that give you insights about the thing you are looking for. So, make sure that these meta tags are unique so you can persuade people to click on your website.

There are three crucial parts of meta tags that we need to use.

What are the Best Practices to Implement
for Meta Tags?

Think of meta tags as “window dressings”. Good meta tags bring in visitors and the poor ones are neglected and then demoted by Google. Learn some best practices to implement perfect meta tags.

How to Improve Your
Meta Tags?

As you have learned how meta tags are important for your webpage and how they attract visitors to your site, so you must be eager to know how to improve them to captivate further attention of both search engines and your audiences. Nobody knows your website better than you. So, make you create a unique description and title and describe how you are better than others. Another tip to improve your meta tags is, to add a solid call to action.

What should a user do after seeing your 2-line description? Call us now, contact us, and request a free quote are some reliable terms that catch the most attention. At White Links, we make sure that we follow all the important factors while creating meta tags. We also insert the right keywords and create engaging content for descriptions that exclude fluff and engage audiences to the right point.

Tools to Add and Check Meta Tags

There are various tools and software that help us analyze meta tags and add them properly to your web pages. Some of the important tools for adding and checking meta tags are SEOmator, YoastSEO, SEO Magnifier, and some others.

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The above packages comprise a

Combination of the Following Services

Page Optimization

Collaborate with White Links to elevate Your Website's Performance through Strategic Page Optimization.

Title Optimization

Revolutionize your digital appeal. Elevate engagement through expert Meta Title Optimization with White Links

Heading Tags

Transform your content strategy. White Links refines visibility with precision Heading Tag optimization.

Meta Descriptions

Craft compelling narratives. White Links refines your message for impactful Meta Descriptions.

Alt Images

Enhance accessibility and engagement. White Links optimizes Alt Text for your images

Schema Markup

Elevate search visibility. White Links implements strategic Schema Markup for your website.

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Generating meta tags was a big challenge for me as I have the least knowledge about it. But thankfully team White Links did a perfect job for me.
Marina Smith
I loved the way team White Links generated meta tags for my shopping website. I must say that their team is an all-rounder. Well done. Thumbs up.”
James John
Thank you so much for helping me set the perfect title and meta description. Now my website is showing up in Google searches. Great job.
Florence Harry

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be wondering what the best meta tags are for your website. Well, the most important ones are meta description tags, image ALT attributes, Robots meta tags, Schema markup, Heading tags, title tags, and many more.

Meta tags are small pieces of information that we need to give to search engines and users. We need to tell them what the page is, what information we have on the website, and why this is the right option for them.

The best-recommended number is 10. Do not exceed this number as 10 meta tags are ideal for one webpage.

At White Links, we are responsible to generate attractive meta tags that give the most information to the users and search engines. We make sure that we stick to the character counts, insert relevant keywords, create a catchy meta description, and add a solid call to action.