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Does your website show negative results after all the SEO efforts? Maybe it’s something to do with your spam score. Let us help lower your spam score at White Links.

Is Your Website Has a 50+ Spam Score? How to reduce moz spam score?

When you hear about the “spam score”, you subconsciously think about the wrong impression of your site. However, a spam score is not bad for your site and it doesn’t affect ranking. 

A spam score is an indicator released by Moz which determines the percentage of a potential risk of receiving a penalty. So if your website has a 50+ spam score, it’s time to look into the issues and fix them. At White Links, we are responsible to check the spam score of your site and follow steps that can help reduce the spam score immediately.

How We Help Reduce the Spam Score of your Website?

Using high-quality backlinks is the best way to reduce spam scores. If your site has plenty of low-quality backlinks, the links will be tagged as spammed links. We make sure that your website is been using several quality links from different sources. 

Keeping a low spam score on your site involves a lot of work. It can divert your attention from important business aspects. So, the best solution is to consult with our professionals at White Links that can help deal with spam score issues and take essential steps to keep it low.

Some Quick Wins to Lower Your Spam Score

Have a look at some quick ways to lower the spam score of your site

Benefits of Low Spam Score

No Risks of Penalization

When your site has a lower spam score, it is less likely to get penalized by Google.

Looks More Authentic and Reliable

A site with lower spam looks more authentic, reliable, and trustable.

More Chances to Rank

Though spam score doesn’t affect ranking, but highest spam score may slow your ranking speed.

Top Tools to Check Spam Score

There are different tools available that help us check the spam score of your website. Using the tools is very simple and hassle-free. 

DAPAChecker, Moz, Reviewgrower and Linkody are some good tools that determine the accurate spam score of your site.

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When I consulted with the White Links team, my website’s spam score was around 67. After an effort of a few days, it got reduced to 10. It was amazing.
Kim Joe
I am so happy and satisfied with White Links services. They never disappointed me, their team is brilliant and goes above & beyond for clients.
Ricky Cruise
Fabulous experience. I am very happy with the results. Their team is dedicated and cooperative. Plus, their services are also very affordable.
John Cummins

Frequently Asked Questions

An ideal spam score is 1% to 30% for your website. 31% to 60% is medium, and 61% to 100% is considered the highest spam score.

Backlinks are undoubtedly the backbone of your SEO and also much essential for your site’s spam score. If a domain with high spam score links to your site, it will increase your own spam score.

Yes, you can but there are a few tools that give accurate results.

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