Spark Your Campaign by Tapping into the Right Keywords

Knowing the right keywords is the heart of your SEO campaign. But unfortunately, finding the right keywords take plenty of time. So why do it yourself when you have a team that can actively search for the best keywords to target?

Is Your Content Not Performing Well in Google? Maybe You are Targeting the Wrong Keywords!

And that’s definitely very alarming. Targeting the wrong keywords in SEO is dangerous. It hurts your ranking and delivers little to no organic visibility. That’s the reason, we prefer to do smart keyword research which is mainly the process of finding and targeting the most valuable keywords that your potential audiences are looking for. 

However, finding those impactful keywords that can move the needle for your small business may take some time, energy, and resources.

Therefore, White Links specialists help perform thorough keyword research for your project using various tools and techniques so we can come up with the exact terms your customers are looking for.

Why Keyword Research?

If you want to spark your SEO campaign, then it’s important to find out all the missing keywords that can increase the ranking and reputation of your business. By tapping into the right keywords using different methods, we come up with some solid keywords that help people know your industry, mission, company, and much more.

We help you uncover all the relevant and effective keywords to help attract new clients to your business. Some rapidly growing startups are already using our keyword research services, so why not you?

How to Do Keyword Research?

Curious about which keywords hold the potential to attract a relevant audience to your webpage? Explore our approach to on page seo keyword research and discover how we fulfill this mission!

Basic Components of Keyword Research

Long-tail Keywords

We make sure that we identify long-tail keywords as they have the potential to draw more relevant audiences.

Search Volume

White Links specialists are also responsible to check the search volume of keywords and find out how often the audience is using the keyword.

Tools We Use for Keyword Research

Without using the right tools for keyword research, it is hard to come up with some accurate results and see what keywords your audiences are using on search results. Therefore, we mainly use MOZ, Ahrefs, SEMrush, SpyFu and some other tools that bring correct results

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White Links is one of the most trustable organizations for keyword research that actually do what they promise to deliver. Very happy with the results.
Kim Kerry
Thank you team White Links for helping me identify some money keywords for my campaign. I am satisfied with your services. Great job.
Anthony Harley
Finally, I have a list of properly organized keywords for my products. I must say that your team is very well-organized and hardworking. Keep it up.
Olivia Ken

Frequently Asked Questions

Keyword research is important because it helps reveal some basic search terms that are being used by the audiences for finding your services. Without proper keyword research, it’s hard to know the search intent of audiences.

Yes, you can do it using various tools. However, it still needs proper strategy, knowledge, and information about current trends. Therefore, people lookout for the best keyword research agencies that possess all the knowledge to do it correctly.

We use keywords in different places on your website. For example, our team uses keywords in the meta description, meta titles, within your website content, articles, and everywhere so we can boost the ranking quickly.

There are three main types of keywords such as short-tail keywords, mid-tail keywords, and long-tail keywords. Among all the types, it’s recommended to use long-tail keywords more often as they help reveal more about the audience’s search intent.