Experience a 60% Lift in Your Sales by Hiring Top PPC Services

Did you know PPC advertising offers 200% more ROI? For every dollar you invest in your campaign, you get double in return. So, it’s no surprise that 80% of business owners like you prefer PPC advertising. Are you ready to jumpstart too?

Stop Draining Profits from Your Current Useless Strategy

The business you have started so ambitiously is now becoming a target of some wasteful activities that are doing nothing but making a hole in your business. 

So how to stop draining profits from the strategies that are affecting the performance of your business? Maybe a strategy like pay per click can support your dying business. But what exactly is PPC?

PPC is the most profitable marketing strategy that allows you to increase your sales while creating ads for Google. What’s interesting about PPC? You will only pay when your audiences click the ad, just like its name “pay per click” describes!

PPC Services We Cover

White Links take pride in covering several PPC services, such as

Google ads

Bing Advertising

YouTube advertising

Facebook ads

Twitter ads

Linkedin ads

Instagram ads


Why Choose White Links for PPC?

You have plenty of amazing reasons to trust the credibility of White Links.

What Tasks Do We Include in Our Monthly PPC Services?

Once you hire our services, you will see what tasks our professionals accomplish in PPC.

3 Primary PPC Services that Set a Direction for Your Business

Google Ads for Ecommerce

Want to maximize the sales of your e-commerce business? Google ads can help bring virtual foot traffic and make sure that your company is obtaining more leads, sales, and visits every day.

Google Ads for Local Business

Let us create a stunning ad copy and target local keywords for your business to increase sales, foot traffic, and brand recognition. We help set a daily budget for your campaign and use local extensions to bring exceptional results.

Social Media Ads

Like it or not, gaining organic traffic is getting harder – especially if you are not leveraging the benefits of social media ads. We know it's scary to move from your current strategy to the social strategy, but trust us, it works wonders!

Pricing & Packages


Starts At


Per Month

Search campaign creation
3 keywords added
3 ad groups
9 ads 
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Starts At


Per Month

Search campaign creation
6 keywords added
6 ad groups
18 ads 
Video screen share


Starts At


Per Month

Search campaign creation
12 keywords added
12 ad groups
36 ads 
Video screen share

See What Our Customers Say!

I am very thankful to the team White Links who worked exceptionally for my website and now it generating more sales than ever.
Morris Beig
I couldn’t believe the magic of PPC. My website is crossing 5k visits every day with PPC. It’s simply stunning.

Carla Thompson
Fantastic job guys, my landing page is very creatively designed and driving tons of visits. It's fabulous.

Sienna Leo

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is a remarkable marketing strategy that drives visits and leads every hour if your ad is placed correctly on Google or social media channels. PPC experts create ads for Google and social media networks while incorporating some major keywords that your audiences are frequently using. We create a perfect landing page where your audiences see more details, a catchy description, and a solid call to action that draws visits to the page.

PPC offers a lot of valuable benefits such as:

  • More sales and revenue 
  • Increased traffic every day
  • Generates fast results
  • Tons of leads and conversions 
  • No budget issues 
  • Affordable technique for small businesses

Both techniques are highly beneficial for your business. If you want fast results and have a good marketing budget, then PPC is a good technique to choose. However, if you want to rely on free methodologies, then you have to wait, and go for SEO.

Ad spend is your ad network budget. It’s the amount you are willing to spend on PPC ads, whether for a month or a year.