Monitor, Maintain, and Troubleshoot the Errors with White Links

Fixing search console errors is a daunting process that can only be done by tech-savvy professionals. From fixing 404 errors to crawling issues and unauthorized requests, we ensure your site is free from all search console errors.

Imagine Google Bot Couldn’t Access Your Site? Do You Know How to Report the Issue?

We hope not! Well, you don’t have to worry because this is something that many website owners do not know. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take any action. This means your website is experiencing search console errors that need to be fixed RIGHT NOW.

Google search console is a free application that helps identify, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot all the errors that Google may encounter while crawling your page. 

Search engines attempt to index and crawl your website, but when they encounter issues in pages, they may not rank the site well. To fix the search console errors, we have a team of specialists at White Links that work with full dedication and transparency and ensure a perfectly error-free site.

Why it’s Important to Fix Google Search Console Errors?

Search engines do not like websites that are packed with tons of errors and technical issues. Google continuously track your website’s issues and warnings and send reports to fix them as soon as possible.

Google bots crawl and index your site and report all the errors in the search console. 

But when you don’t fix the errors, these technical issues will gradually lead to deindexing your site from search results. As a result, your users won’t be able to visit the site, and you lose all the business to competitors. 

Especially in case of broken links, Google will flag your site and might give a penalty which leads to further serious issues.

Benefits of Fixing Google Search Console Errors

If you are using the Google search console to monitor the health and performance of your site, it is important to make it free from all the errors. It offers plenty of benefits.

What are the Common Search Console Errors?

Server errors (500)

Server error or 500 error means something is not okay with your server.

Redirect Error

Redirect error means the redirection is not working, so it’s time to fix it.

Blocked by Robots.txt

When you submit a page for indexing, but it gets blocked by Robots.txt.

Submitted URL Marked “No Index”

You submitted a page for indexing, but it has been marked with a “no indexing” tag.

404 Error

When you remove a page from the site but forget to remove it from the sitemap.

Crawl Issues

Unspecified crawling issues occur that don’t allow Google to index your site.

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See What Our Customers Say!

My site was experiencing serious crawling issues, but thanks to White Links, it's all resolved now. Thanks a lot.

Whitney Cruise
I and my team are least aware of Google search console, so we hired White Links and results are totally amazing.

Sabrina Keith
I have been working with White Links for 4 years, and they never failed to disappoint ever. Thanks for your dedication.
Frank Albert

Frequently Asked Questions

The procedure of fixing Google search console errors is lengthy and complicated. However, our team efficiently manages the issues and offers an error-free service to fulfill your expectations.

If you have recently created your posts or just requested indexing, then please note that Google takes some time to index your page. It could even take more than a week after submitting a sitemap or index request.

There could be tons of reasons why Google is not indexing your site. Some of the common ones are:


  • You don’t have any domain name
  • Your website is not responsive
  • Your site loads slowly
  • You are using a language that is hard to understand for Google
  • Your site has poorly written content
  • And many more

It depends on the types of errors. Sometimes the errors are too complicated and we may take 1-2 weeks. But if there are minor and simple errors, then we may need 2-3 days in fixing all the issues.