Rank Better on Google Search Results with Keyword Mapping

Our experts assign some relevant keywords to the different pages of your website so we can maintain a balance between the keywords and ensure quick ranking. It helps create an intuitive funnel that guides site navigation.

Your Website Can Fall Behind in Ranking if it’s Filled with Irrelevant Keywords

Yes, that’s true. If your website features tons of keywords and all of them are scattered randomly without proper mapping, then remember – you can easily fall behind in rankings and reputation. 

Keyword mapping SEO is actually the procedure of assigning some primary keywords to particular pages on your website that are frequently used by your target audience.

Our experts love to follow two steps before conducting SEO keyword mapping. Keyword research and relevancy check so we can assign the right keywords to the web pages that allow more visits and lead to a high ranking in search engine results.

Why Does SEO Keyword Mapping Matter?

When you want to identify new content opportunities, it’s important to do SEO keyword mapping for your website. The process matters a lot for ranking high in searches because you are creating a map of keywords that you are targeting specifically on every page.

Some common reasons why do keyword mapping SEO matter are

Benefits of Keyword Mapping SEO for Your Business

If you have just launched your website, then chances are you never know how to do keyword mapping. That’s the reason, hiring a company like White Links helps a lot in streamlining the process. Keyword mapping offers tons of benefits, such as

How We Perform Keyword Mapping?

Keyword Research

Our team performs in-depth keyword research to identify the most used terms.

Keyword Grouping

Group keywords that seem more relevant so we can place them strategically.

Sort Keywords

In the next step, we sort out keywords that are relevant to your categories.

Use Spreadsheet

Our experts use spreadsheets to manage keywords and track implementation.

Identify Opportunities

We identify new content opportunities so we can give more exposure to your site.

Pricing & Packages


Starts At


Per Month

65 Total Citation
30 Local Directory Citations 10
Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites 5
Videos Submitted to Video Sharing
Sites 2 Rounds of Manual Outreach
to Create Citations


Starts At


Per Month

130 Total Citations 50 Local
Directory Citations 10 Photos x 5
Photo Sharing Sites 5 Videos x 5
Video Sharing Sites 5 Social Media
Submissions 2 Rounds of Manual
Outreach to Create Citations


Starts At


Per Month

255 Total Citations 90 Local
Directory Citations 10 Photos x 10
Photo Sharing Sites 5 Videos x 10
Video Sharing Sites 15 Social Media
Submission 2 Rounds of Manual
Outreach to Create Citations

See What Our Customers Say!

My website is ranking well in search engines after implementing this new strategy, thanks to the team White Links.
Zac Mathew
Very professional and cooperative team. Many thanks for your dedication and effort for my website.

Kim Thomas
Keyword mapping worked really well for my site. Thanks a lot, team, and well done for your hard work.

Tyrese Gib

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the extensiveness of your site and overall services. If the site is quite big, then we may need 4-5 days in keyword mapping seo. However, if the pages are few, then we may take 2-3 days in managing the overall process.

We perform thorough keyword research before doing keyword mapping. After the research, we choose keywords that are frequently used by the audience. And then we start keyword mapping based on overall results.

Yes, especially if you want to organize things, rank multiple keywords, and structure your content efficiently, then SEO keyword mapping is a good choice to consider.

If you want to get ideas about the costs, then you need to discuss things in detail with our experts. Once you share ideas, we will give you a free quote to begin. Contact us to know prices and packages for keyword mapping SEO.