Disavow Toxic, Low-Quality, and Spammy Links Smartly!

Discarding harmful links that point to your website damages your reputation and ranking. That’s the reason, we ensure that our experts disavow all the bad links from your site so you can sustain your ranking in Google search results.

Having a Toxic Backlinking Profile? Be Careful, It Can Hurt Your Rankings

Backlinks disavowing means you are taking action against unnatural, low-quality, and spammy links that damage the ranking & reputation of your site. So if you have a toxic and spammy backlinking profile, be careful because you are going to hurt your rankings.

When we are disavowing backlinks, it means we are telling Google to not count those harmful links while assessing your site for indexing or ranking.

Link disavowing is actually a way to tell Google that you don’t want to associate certain links with your site. This means you are simply discarding them so they don’t affect your site’s performance.

How Does Link Disavowing Help with SEO?

Face it- If you have hundreds of low-quality backlinks pointing to your site, they are going to hurt your ranking in SERPs, and you start losing business to your competitors. Here are a few more reasons why link disavowing helps in SEO.

When Should You Disavow Backlinks?

You need to disavow backlinks, when

Some Bad Links You Should Disavow Immediately

Paid Links

Google targets paid links first. If you find them, get help to remove them.

Private Blogging Networks

Google de-index PBN links immediately, but our professionals can help deal with them.

Forum and Comment Links

These links are bad for your site’s reputation, so it is better to get rid of them.

Directory Submissions

If you are into low-quality directory submissions, stop doing it. It is unethical.

Hacked Website Link

If you are posting something on a hacked website, your site will get penalized.

See What Our Customers Say!

Great services and very cooperative team. I must say that I will consider your services again.
Joshua Karen
White Links has proved once again that nobody can beat them in link disavowing. Very impressive.
Kate Smith
Excellent performance by White Links. My site is now free from artificial links in just a couple of days.
James Walter

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, especially if your site has hundreds of spammy links that are affecting the ranking and performance of your site.

Yes. Bad links do not only hurt the ranking of your site but they also get your site penalized by Google if they are extremely toxic.

Well, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks, and even months. However, our specialists ensure quick results so that your site doesn’t get affected.

Yes, we do. We follow a specific strategy to remove old backlinks from your site so that it runs effectively without causing any problems.