Some Unexpected Benefits of a Press Release for Your Startup

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Every business wants to build trust and credibility. They explore different marketing techniques that help them set apart from others in the crowd. If you are a business owner, we are sure that you do the same. Right?

But have you ever wondered what could be a technique that can give you overnight recognition in the saturated industry? How you can build awareness for your brand in such a short time?

Well, you must have explored the ways to do that seamlessly. But we bet that you have never implemented press release distributions so far, for your newly launched business. Isn’t it?

Even if you did, then you might not gain the desired traction. The reason is, that you have no proper ideas to create a press release and you are fully unaware of the unexpected benefits it offers.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Today we are going to sum up some unexpected benefits of publishing a press release for your startup so that you can make the most of your investment and earn desired recognition in no time.

You Can Indirectly Engage Your Followers on Social Media

We all know social media has become the backbone of every marketing strategy. Without it, there is no recognition, no awareness, no leads, and no sales.

When you create and distribute a press release, it isn’t only available to news websites and journalists. But you can also make it available to the public through popular social media platforms. 

Distributing your press release through different social media platforms will give your business an incredible opportunity to interact with thousands of interested consumers – every single day. However, the only condition is, to market the PR effectively on every social media channel.

You can do a single post and announce the launch of your new product on social media. But when you do it strategically with a press release, it will have more fruitful impacts on your audiences.

Therefore, hiring a social media management company is probably a better idea as they don’t only help you create a proper strategy but also give you more chances to get exposure and visibility.

Build High-Quality and Targeted Traffic for Your Site

Publishing a press release about your services on a big news website is not only helpful in generating awareness and leads but equally helpful for your SEO too. 

According to different marketers, a well-crafted press release with the best practices of SEO allows Google to find, index, and rank your PR at the top of the searches. This means you will get more real traffic on your site as well. 

With more than 60,000 searches happening per second, your high-ranking press release on search engines will offer enhanced exposure to future customers. 

Now the importance of a press release doesn’t stop only on building relationships with media and news sites, but it carries throughout the marketing strategy while building targeted traffic to your site every day.

Establish Connections with Journalists and Media Outlets

The other awesome benefit of writing a press release is, that it allows you to connect not only with popular journalists but with a lot of media outlets as well. When you create a relevant, timely, and accurate press release, it can even be considered by the reporters from the news channels or other people interested in your business.

This gives you great publicity in the form of quotes on news sites, links given by reputable websites, and other PR activity. But the important thing is, to do your research effectively. 

A well-written press release should give complete details about the news and most specifically cover the Who, What, Why, When, How, and Where. If your PR is not engaging or relevant, why would any reputable media outlet or news site give it coverage?

Appear Your Brand as More Authentic and Credible

That’s what every business owner wants – to appear more credible and authentic in the eyes of the public so that they can easily build trust and earn more recognition.

Luckily, you can do this with a precise, relevant, and high-quality press release.

Sharing news and information about your company and spreading positive things can automatically appear you more authentic, real, and credible. For example, you have just launched a partnership event with another reputable company in the industry. You have to tell your audiences about that so they can also know how reliable and trustable you are. 

Announcing such news and information appears you more trustworthy. Plus, you can get the attention of as many people as you want. 

Potential Increase in Sales

The most lucrative benefit of distributing a press release is, an increase in sales. And that’s what exactly every business owner wants.

When you spread positive news and information about your business through a press release and it gets published on a reputable news site then it means you are more likely to get the attention of your targeted clients. When they will come across your news story, they will take more interest and hence contact you immediately. 

This gives you a chance to generate unlimited leads and sales. Besides building trust and recognition, you are simply generating tons of leads and Roi by getting more popularity through a press release.

Immediate Exposure

You create tons of articles and blog posts for your business, but you don’t get immediate exposure and visibility until you are too famous like NYTimes. You are required to share the articles on social media channels and bookmarking sites for visibility and exposure.

But that’s not the case with a press release. Once your PR is published on a high-quality platform, it will get immediate exposure, visibility, and traffic. Why? Because news sites already have a lot of traffic and your story is something relevant to the public interest, which means it will automatically get instant leads and exposure from the relevant audience.


Press releases create a strong working relationship with other businesses, news websites, and related media outlets. Hence, it looks like a perfect way to earn recognition for your newly launched company.

However, if you want to go smoothly and seamlessly without facing any difficulty throughout your campaign, then it’s recommended to work with a reliable and trustable press release distribution service that can help you grow and establish your reputation in the saturated industry. White Links can help you in every regard. From awesome PR creation to submitting to high-quality news websites, the company helps you accomplish your goals in this tough journey. Contact our smart professionals today, share your needs, and let’s get a persuasive and informative press release for your newly launched business.