8 Shocking Facts You Don’t Know About PPC

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To get the word about their business, many entrepreneurs try different marketing techniques that help them generate leads, sales, and conversions. They even consider a mix of marketing strategies as they don’t want to be dependent on only one approach because they quickly want to maximize their reach and then reduce the chances of failure.

If you are one of those business owners, we are sure that you’ve tried your luck in pay-per-click advertising as well. It is one of the most powerful marketing methods that help you generate faster results and maximum website traffic. 

But one thing is certain, you may not know some shocking facts associated with this amazing kind of marketing strategy. So, if you are thinking to implement PPC for your business, you need to have a look below and find out what elements you must know before starting your campaign.

PPC Converts 50% of Traffic Better than Organic Traffic

As we all know that PPC helps convert a lot of traffic than any other marketing strategy. But what we don’t know is, that PPC converts 50% of traffic better than organic traffic. It is the best search engine advertising method through which you can place ads in the form of texts, videos, and several images. Due to various advertising mediums, people get attracted and immediately click the ad.

Every time your users click the ad, you have to pay a fee. This means you are buying visits through the PPC strategy but these visits are worth your investment because they are relevant and targeted.

Top 3 Paid Ad Spots Get 41% More Clicks and Attention

Most people prefer to click on the top three paid ad spots on Google. Why? Because they are fast and people immediately look at them as they seem more relevant. That’s the reason, these spots help generate more clicks as compared to the rest of the paid ad spots on Google. But if you want to achieve that spot, your ad must be of high quality and meet the criteria set by Google.

You can follow these tips for improved Quality Scores with AdWords

  • Target the landing pages with the right set of keywords. 
  • Your targeted keywords should be according to each ad group.

We know that it looks like an extra effort, but the fact is, it will improve your score. You need to know all the factors for improving quality. It will help analyze and monitor your campaign. 

Not only that, but when your ads get approved and achieve one of the top three positions, it will help get 41% of more clicks and attention.

Negative Keywords Also Matter

Many people will shout “What, how do negative keywords matter in PPC?

But you read that right, negative keywords always matter. These are the phrases that indicate people are not interested in your platform.

Many marketers use these keywords in broad search terms for targeting PPC campaigns. When you add them to the right set of keywords, it forms a good strategy because you should also know what audiences are not interested in your services so you can target the right people.

So, it’s better to include negative keywords in your campaign strategy. Your ads won’t appear in unqualified searches and this will eventually save you a lot of money.

Google Drives 95% of Clicks Through Mobile

We all know one thing for sure, Google loves mobile. It helps your business a lot when you have a responsive website that is fully mobile optimized. 

Your PPC ads must be optimized on mobile devices so that people using mobile devices must be able to click your ad and visit your website. The fact is, Google drives 95% of clicks through mobile. Especially if you are a big or growing business, you shouldn’t miss opportunities in the evolving market where each click could matter a lot to your success.

Customers Come to Your Site Because You Know What They Don’t Know

Most people are already aware of the print, TV, and different media form ads and they know what kind of ads they show. That’s why businesses also assume that internet users will must know about paid and organic searches too.

But recent research has found that more than half of the users who utilize the internet don’t even know the basic difference between paid and organic searches because they all look very similar. 

Due to this lack of knowledge, businesses can get a lot of advantages. Many people are not aware of the PPC technique and organic search results, so they won’t be biased while clicking the ad. Their only concern will be to address their need, so they will click anything that pops up at the top and seems to be more relevant to their needs.

You are Free to Decide on Investments

PPC campaigns shouldn’t be expensive. Unlike other traditional marketing & advertising methods, you can spend as much as you want, but you can even spend as little as you want because the technique offers you complete control over your budget decision. 

Keep in mind that you are not paying money for views, but only for the clicks. You can stop paying if you think that the strategy isn’t working. This will help save money as you won’t be spending on campaigns that do not give results.

You can Use Facebook and Other Channels for PPC Campaigns

Very few people know that social media channels also allow you to run PPC campaigns.

Google search engine is the most used channel, but you can even start PPC campaigns on Instagram and Facebook as well. Marketers even experiment with several campaigns, using multiple platforms so they can broaden the reach and target the right people.

Remarketing Option with PPC

When your customers show interest in your services but they suddenly leave your site, you think that they will not come again. But that necessarily doesn’t happen with PPC. These campaigns always allow you to ‘remarket’ to your potential customers and remind them about your services.

Final Thoughts

So, after knowing all the facts, are you ready to run PPC campaigns for your business? If yes, then this is the right time to consult with a professional PPC agency that can help create a better strategy to achieve faster results in a short time. 

Don’t waste time on agencies that promise to deliver results but failed to fulfill their commitments. Instead, focus on the right professionals who helped raise conversions in the past and applied proven tactics to generate results.