7 Secrets to Getting Your Guest Post Published Anywhere

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So, you are using a guest blogging strategy as part of your marketing campaign. Right? But unfortunately, you haven’t published a single guest post on any high-quality blog. True?

Well, that’s definitely very terrible for your campaign. Without posting guest articles, it’s hard-to-get recognition, backlinks, authority, and leads for your business. 

However, the problem is, how to post a guest article on good blogs? This is the question that we often hear almost every day. And we always give one answer to everybody – write quality content. 

Besides writing quality and engaging content, there are still plenty of contributing factors you’d love to know. So, let’s begin and let us reveal some secrets that can help you publish a guest post anywhere you want. 

Are you ready to publish your first guest post? 

Follow these secrets and make sure you don’t skip any of them as these are the keys to your success right now.

Create Engaging and Flawless Content

First and foremost, create super engaging and flawless content for your audience as it’s the primary requirement of guest posting.

If your content is good in quality, written in perfect English, and offers value to the readers, then you can easily pitch guest bloggers. And confidently request them to publish it. Good writing has been a way to get recognized in the industry. For example, many bloggers and entrepreneurs create great content and now is known for their quality work all over the world.

Be Polite with Bloggers

You should be courteous, polite, and kind with guest bloggers. Always use words like “please” and “thank you.” it’s better to show respect and pay regard for their work. You shouldn’t be too pushy when it comes to a request for publishing. You can ask them to be a “guest” on your site. But do not demand it. Do not act like you’re entitled to it. Every reliable and reputable blogger is kind and respectable towards the community. So, convey your message politely.

Choose a Winning Topic

After having a great understanding of your target site, it’s time to find a winning topic that the owner could love to accept. 

Make sure you already know what’s popular on their website. Once you know, you can add value to your content. 

Think about how you can add further value with your contribution. For example:

  • Create something similar that already exists on the website
  • Offer more information on a trendy topic.
  • Create something new for the site that has never been covered in detail

When you narrow down your choices, it’s time to write something engaging for the site. You can even choose tools like Buzzsumo as it helps you find content that is already on the site.

Create a Stunning Pitch

If you want your guest blogging strategy to be successful, then do not create some generic pitches that most guest bloggers hate. When you do your homework, you can easily craft a stunning pitch that looks very organized and personal to the site owner.

Follow these rules for writing a successful pitch:

  • Keep it short, precise, and to the point. Every site owner receives hundreds of pitches every day, so yours should be different, engaging, and more valuable than others.
  • Use the name of the site owner. Most owners do not check pitches from people who do not bother to research this detail first.
  • Always include the title of your guest post. The title should be very engaging and short. You can even include keywords in that to make it SEO optimized
  • After that, describe your post briefly and tell reasons why your post matters to the audience and what value it could add to their blog.
  • Use persuasive language instead of being pushy and demanding.

Use Keywords Carefully in the Content

This is something every site owner loves. 

If your article ranks in search engines and brings healthy traffic to the site, the site owner would absolutely love your article and give it more priority. So, make sure the article is SEO optimized and filled with good keywords. Carry out in-depth keyword research and find core phrases that are most likely to rank well in search engines.

Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. If your article has repeated keywords, then the site owner might not publish it because it can harm their site and reputation. The keywords should be relevant to the content you post and must be high-quality so it looks amazing in the eyes of both the site owner and Google.

Work on Your Bio

The bio should be crafted very professionally. It is actually the payoff for the hard work and effort you have invested in the article. This is an area where you will get a do-follow link for your website. Some options are:

  • You can add a single link to your home page
  • Add a link to any important service on your site
  • A link to your homepage plus a social media link
  • Plenty of web and social media links

Very few site owners put no restrictions on different links in your bio. You can choose any URL of your choice and put it in the end to get the audience’s attention.

Have a Good-Looking Blog/Website

This sounds very obvious. Your website/blog should be very good-looking and awesome as it inspires guest bloggers and encourages them to work with you. 

Getting a nice-looking blog is not very expensive. You have to focus on some core elements like following a good color theme, writing engaging content, and a user-friendly platform that offers ease to everyone who visits. 

In case you don’t have that kind of functional website, you can work with a website development agency that helps you craft a stunning website based on your needs and services.

Ready to Publish Your First Guest Post?

We are sure that after analyzing all these tips, you are ready to publish your first guest post now. However, if you think that you are not able to do it efficiently, then it’s recommended to get the help of guest post services that implement an advanced methodology to publish your guest posts.

Moreover, they have stable connections in the industry so they can help you a lot in every regard. You can begin by sharing your ideas, and the professionals will come up with a post that will work in your favor!