7 Shocking Mistakes that Kill Your SEO

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It is no secret that every large business can benefit from SEO strategies and their positive effects. But what about small businesses and newly launched companies? Do they also take benefit from such a complicated strategy as SEO? Or do they make mistakes as they are not much aware of SEO?

Well, they may do some basic or advanced mistakes as they are new to this and have the least expertise in managing things. But sometimes, these small mistakes cost them a lot. In fact, they kill their SEO and business reputation.

Remember, the mistakes they make are the real eye-openers. So, if you are planning to do SEO for your newly launched site, or hiring an SEO agency, then make sure your team is not doing these shocking mistakes as they are the ones that can involve you in a trouble.

Unattractive Landing Page

This is the fundamental mistake every business makes at the start. They fail to send high-quality traffic to their dedicated landing page.

Especially if you are paying for traffic through PPC advertising, then you have to be very careful about the landing page as this single mistake can badly damage your on-page performance, and it will be a big waste of money that will also ruin your ROI.

If people click your advertisement, they expect to see engaging content which is directly related to their needs and wants. But when you dump them on the homepage by misguiding them or showing wrong info, then you are simply killing your entire reputation. People won’t trust you and in fact, never visit your platform again.

Make sure your landing pages are relevant and mobile-friendly and dedicated to a proper ad so that you can convey maximum information to your audience.

Poor Content

Poor content is alarming and definitely a big failure for your website. If you don’t believe me, just check your Google analytics and the metrics will shock you. If you find a high bounce rate, no comments, zero social shares, and a few seconds spent on the site by your visitors, then understand that your site has poor content and your blog is dull, boring, and ineffective. 

You need to provide value to your audiences. So, create epic cornerstone content and focus on topics that your audiences are actually looking for. Your content should be SEO-optimized and research-backed. It should consist of whitepapers, blogs, articles, press releases, infographics, and other elements that inspire audiences.

Ambiguous Call to Action

Imagine you have created engaging content for your dedicated landing page. But you forgot to include a catchy call to action that can tell audiences about what to do next. What would happen then? You might lose visitors and buyers in seconds.

Always be clear that what call to action you want to add to your site’s content. Your call to action should be clear, simple, easy to understand, and attractive.

So, don’t repeat these mistakes while creating a call to action.

  • Don’t make your audiences think
  • Don’t leave them in the middle of an information
  • Don’t offer them tons of options that they get confused
  • Don’t create an ambiguous and abundant call to action

Pop-up Issues on Your Page

Many business owners also make pop-up errors on their websites. Some of the common mistakes are:

  • Your page has zero pop-ups and which is why its missing good performance 
  • Your page has pop-ups that are fundamentally disconnected or irrelevant to your content.

Many website owners believe that buyers and visitors find pop-ups frustrating. 

That’s the reason, your page shouldn’t have too many pop-ups that annoy your audiences. Every page should have only two pop-ups related to your content. They should be specific and simple.

Dodgy Links

Dodgy links always affect your on-page performance in multiple ways:

  • Dodgy links usually generate ice-cold traffic. Visitors land on your site for several misleading reasons that eventually damage your conversion rates.
  • These links affect your SEO negatively. 

But the good thing is, that you can fix the issue and get good results. How? By hiring a reliable SEO agency. The experts can provide comprehensive link auditing tools that prevent your site from being penalized. They offer complete backlink analysis and have tools that identify unnatural links. So, relying on an SEO agency is probably a great decision as the experts know when and how to remove these links from your site.

Cheap Hosting

Hosting is currently one of the most neglected problems that badly harm the performance of your page. 

It’s recommended to find a reliable hosting company that offers good plans for your site and has the power to run things smoothly and hassle-free.

  • A good hosting company ensures that your webpage runs quickly and smoothly. They minimize the overall downtime and offer the capacity to handle enough traffic every day.

When you choose a hosting company for your site, make sure you look for these things:

  • Storage space availability
  • Bandwidth allocation
  • Uptime/downtime handling

Plenty of HTTP Requests

Your webpage features plenty of elements, and all of them come together to make it function properly. For example, images, videos, text, scripts, fonts, styling, and others.

One separate “HTTP request” is always needed for every on-page element.

The multiple elements on your webpage, the longer it will take to load completely.

And when the longer it takes to load, the more chances your visitors to leave quickly.

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot have some visually appealing pages with a lot of elements and excellent web apps. Everything should just be properly optimized.

Reduce the overall number of on-page elements and keep them to a minimum. Introduce various plugins as they can simplify the process if you running WordPress.


I know avoiding all of these costly mistakes seems very overwhelming.

And you cannot remove everything on your own as there are a lot of complex technical elements involved. That’s the reason, it’s always recommended to count on a professional SEO company like White Links that has the proper knowledge, expertise, and resources to manage things efficiently. 

The best part is, that they can help track your performance so that you can analyze everything on your own and check things separately.