Is SEO Dead in 2022? The Answer is Yes, and NO

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Is SEO dead in 2022?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the marketing space today.

But let me assure you about one thing. Don’t be fooled, because SEO is not dead, and not going anywhere soon!

And guess what? SEO is getting stronger than before. Yes, tons of techniques are changed and not working today, but there are hundreds of others as well due to which it’s safe to say that SEO is not dead.

Over the years, SEO has drastically evolved. If you are still applying those dead tactics, you are actively killing your rankings. 

That’s the reason, you need to do detailed research so you can ensure great success for your website’s rankings and results.

So, Is SEO Dead?

SEO as a whole is definitely not dead. However, there are lots of tactics that are dead today. Sticking with those outdated strategies will only deliver low rankings and potential penalties in the future.

Stop Implementing Dead SEO Strategies!

There are a few strategies that are dead today. Have a look below and check if you are still applying those for your website?

  • Building as many links as possible:

Link building is one of the incredible ranking factors. In the past few years, it was believed that generate as many links as possible for ranking high in search results. The quantity should be high and the quality should be moderate. 

But that’s not the case anymore. The quality, authority, and relevance of backlinks are extremely important today than generating a sheer quantity of links. If your website has lots of spammy links, it offers no value and hence your rankings will drop soon.

  • Obsessed for #1 Position;

We all know that every website owner is obsessed with the #1 position in Google. They work day and night to obtain the top spot and neglect other important elements.  

Whether they are getting relevant traffic or not, but they still hope to enjoy the top position.

Today, Google search results are already populated with a lot of ads, featured snippets, as well as question boxes. So, if you are still ranked at number 1, your site might be buried among others.

And modern searchers will understand that they should scroll a bit more to find organic results. By keeping that thing in mind, you should be more focused to maximize your click-through rate instead of ranking #1 on Google.

Your click-through rate can easily be optimized by generating high-quality meta descriptions and catchy headlines.

  • Over-Optimization for Focused Keyword:

It used to be extremely important to optimize the webpage for the primary keyword you want to rank for. But today, search engines have become more sophisticated. Now they have smarter means to analyze what your overall page is about.

So, instead of stuffing keywords in your opening paragraph, make sure you add them strategically and smartly so you can also maintain a good user experience. 

An awkwardly phrased headlines, paragraphs, and sentences destroy the context of your website. So, it’s also important to optimize the content for users, readability, and solve people’s concerns.

  • Creating tons of posts and pages:

According to an old statement, “the bigger your website is, the better”. But let me tell you the fact here, it’s a total myth. 

Yes, I know it may sound plausible because we feel good when the more we have, the better it looks, right? That’s not true for Google.

Google doesn’t rank your entire website; it only ranks a few individual pages according to the merits of one page in relation to the search query generated by a user.

So, you should be focused on creating flawless content that simply helps your readers and gives them detailed information about what they are looking for. 

Instead of creating tons of useless blog posts and pages, make sure you create a few ones that are more relevant, meaningful, and engaging. 

  • Focused more on search engines:

User experience used to be a second important thing when it comes to optimizing your site for Google. But now, things are changed. Google invests more time and energy in its search algorithm and gives priority to those websites that are focused on user experience.

The goal is to offer your audience more relevant, authoritative, and meaningful content. By offering an improved user experience, you can simply ensure more traffic, ranking, and leads.

Important Tactics that are Still Alive!

Now let me highlight some important SEO tactics that are still alive and up in the game. Make sure you follow them if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

  • Focus on the long-term approach. SEO is an ongoing process and not a one-time thing. 
  • Create SEO-optimized and high-quality content that gives real value to the audiences. Do not only focus on the number of posts but also on the excellent quality as well. After creating content, make sure you share it like crazy on every platform so it gets more exposure and visibility.
  • Run different tests to optimize your click-through rate.
  • Your keyword research should be excellent. Focus on the keywords that are highly used by your audience in the search engines. Implement them strategically in your content and do not stuff any of the keywords as it can create penalty issues for your site.
  • Keep your social channels active and updated. Post content regularly and create content that is specifically targeted to primary keywords.


So, as you can see, SEO is very much alive. If you implement the tactics that I mentioned above, you may see rapid growth and progress. But, if you implement the dead tactics, your site may face some harsh consequences.

No strategy is set in stone. Things change and evolve. The important element is, to focus on the right set of principles that actually drive results. If you are not sure about good SEO hacks, then the best thing is to trust a reliable SEO company that has proven expertise and helps generate excellent results. Discuss the current state of your site with professionals and get guidance on how to achieve the best results.