Interesting Stats and Facts About Local SEO You Should Know

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What would you do when you have to find a local business near you that can help you fix your car? 

You must visit Google and type something relevant that can help you find a mechanic. Right?

Well, your customers are no different than that. When it comes to finding a local business, they also do the same. and guest what? They land on to a website that shows up at the top of the searches with complete details such as service names, website link, images, operating hours, phone number, and other information.

In fact, according to an estimate, 88% people who do online local search must call or visit your place the same day. This means, if your website manages to climb the top rankings, there are 99% chances that you win more business than your competitors. 

That’s not it. There is much more to find out. Let’s deep dive and learn some interesting facts and stats about local SEO which makes the strategy an excellent solution for local businesses.

Stats That You Don’t Know About Local SEO

Here are a few facts to learn that I bet you never knew before:

  • Many tend to use search engines every 15 to 20 seconds especially business owners and IT specialists.
  • Up to 70% of people use search engines to find local businesses before they go out.
  • More than 50% of searches done in Google are for every local business
  • 80% of people use Google and other search engines every single day
  • 18% to 20% of searches successfully convert into sales
  • 97% of people learn about a business online than any other resource 
  • “Near me” and “close by” searches have been exponentially grown by 900% over the last two years.
  • 72% of people who do a local search online visit a store the same day that exist in 5 miles.

Facts About Local SEO

Now that you have learned all the stats, its time to come to the facts about local SEO that may inspire you:

Local SEO Can Grow Your Business by 70%

As I described above, 80% of people who search for a local service online must visit or call the business at the same day and more likely to purchase from you.

When your consumer finds something interesting or unique about your products, they definitely prioritize your business and end up purchasing. And if the consumers are satisfied from your services, they must come back for another purchase.

Not only that, but they will also talk good about your business. They will spread positive things about your services and recommend it to others. You can earn customer loyalty with that and also improve word-of-mouth advertisement, which further helps you grow your business in no time.

You Earn Huge Profits with Positive Ratings

Another fact is about ratings and reviews – which is pretty important for every business.

It is related to spread the word kind of advertisement. Your happy consumers write positive reviews about your services and products which encourage others to purchase the same service as well. 

When interested shoppers visit your page, they get impressed by all the ratings and reviews which help them decide whether they should buy from you or not. But remember, the shoppers read each review very carefully. If they find something good, they will shop. But if the reviews are suspicious or negative, they won’t buy anything from you and consider another service. 

So, it’s important to maintain good ratings and reviews as it helps you earn huge profits every single day. This means, the more the positive reviews, the more chances to earn handsome revenue and leads.

No Need to Stress Over PR

With local SEO, there is no need to stress over PR. It will have no impact on your business as well as it cannot help determine your success based on the reputation. These jobs are related to SEO. Because this is a strategy that helps you rank on search engines which shows how much reputable and credible your company is. 

Hence, there is no need to stress over PR when you are already doing local SEO. This is a strategy that helps you a lot in gaining trust of your local audience.

You Have to Fight to Maintain Ranking

You must have heard that SEO is a time-taking process. It is an on- going thing which needs to be repeated for long time. 

Same is the case with local SEO. Working with different keyword placements, writing blogs, and building backlinks do not deliver quick results. 

You need to fight to maintain your ranking in local search results. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors or want to outrank them, then you need to come up with a solid strategy. Because once you miss your spot, there are no chances that you again climb back in no short time. There is a great competition in every industry today. Thousands of people work on a same idea and implement strong strategies to grow. 

So, if you lose your spot, you need to build a powerful strategy than before for maintaining strong position.

Correct Citations Build Online Footprint

Google My Business listing is one of the significant places that allow you to show off your brand online. However, it is one of the multiple citations of your online business.

These citations exist on different platforms where your basic business information is displayed like operating hours, phone number, address, website link, and others. By maintaining correct and consistent citations, citation cleanup, and gmb optimization so you can easily build online footprint which further helps you earn more high-quality leads.

Need Help with Local SEO?

If you are a local business and never considered a strategy before, then its time to count on a reliable local SEO agency that has great expertise in handling things efficiently. The experts help you create a strategy that delivers exceptional results. So, if you want help, make sure you connect with our team and share your needs. You can get a free quote to begin.