How Do PPC and SEO Work Together? Should You Combine Them?

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Many digital marketers execute PPC and SEO as separate strategies. But obviously, they cannot keep a balance between them and sometimes they put more effort into PPC as they believe this strategy works more effectively.

As a result, you start losing ranking in search engine results for different keywords as your efforts are not well-utilized in SEO.

But did you know you can use both PPC and SEO as a combined strategy? Both of these strategies are two sides of the same coin, search. When you maximize all your efforts on PPC and SEO and use them to aid each other’s objectives, you will get more success in search advertising. 

The results? You will eventually see an increased ranking of your site in search engine results, more brand awareness, lots of ad clicks, and tons of traffic every day to your site.

However, there are some important ways when PPC and SEO work together and skyrocket your campaign results. Let’s explore how:

  1. Dominate Rankings in Search Engine Results

Search engine result pages are basically the combination of organic searches and paid advertising which accounts for more than 80% of your overall website traffic (53% organic + 27% paid search). 

Now there are approximately 1.2 trillion Google searches performed every year, so you must integrate both marketing strategies into your plan for maximum results. 

Because if your website tops the Google searches, it is expected to get 32% more clicks. However, when you optimize for both marketing strategies, your website may rank well in the first position for both organic and paid search results. This means that your site has increased chances of getting more clicks, traffic, and business, which ultimately leads to increased ROI.

That’s the reason, using them as a combined strategy is extremely powerful in terms of ranking, ROI, traffic, and clicks. By using them together, you are giving your audiences two opportunities to click your platform before they even think to choose any other site.

  1. Find Relevant Keywords for Better Results

SEO and PPC strategies always require massive data to create some important optimizations as well as an A/B test. When marketers use them together, it gets easy to share data between different channels.

PPC allows you to evaluate different keywords quickly and analyze their performance in your ad copy with a specific audience. You can easily choose the best-performing keywords and then incorporate them into your organic content for more success and recognition.

Similarly, you can also use SEO keywords and launch new paid campaigns with more confidence. With SEO, you can analyze what keywords your audience is using to find your site on search engines. When you have an idea about keywords, you can create a perfect ad copy using those keywords and attract relevant audiences and leads.

  1. Combine Tools

Some common tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz are best for SEO as they give accurate results. However, the paid search usually relies more upon Google’s Keyword Planner. But when you combine all these tools, you can get 100% relevant analysis and better insights for both SEO and PPC.

Google Search Console is also an excellent tool that can be used in both disciplines. You can evaluate how your audiences are looking for your content and then you can simply create an ad copy as well as relevant organic content. By using SEMrush, you can also use accurate data insights for PPC and SEO strategies.

  1. Run Social Media Ads for Targeted Audience

If you are using social media frequently, you must know how this landscape is changing each day. Thanks to that change, there are plenty of targeted advertising opportunities that can take your business to the next level. 

Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be used for ads that target the specific group that is interested in your services more than others. 

With Facebook user profile information, you can even show your ad to the most relevant audience who belongs to New York City and is more interested in your IT services. It could be a small and precise group, but it could be more valuable as well. 

The data collected through these campaigns could uncover several granular details about the relevant audience, and help you refine the strategy brilliantly.

How to Execute the Strategies Effectively?

Here’s how you can execute the strategies effectively.

  • Use Combined Reports

When you will link Google Search Console to Google Ads, marketers can successfully manage cross-channel reporting. Now, this strategy will allow reports to give more details about how various search terms perform across these channels.

When you use combined reports, it will be easy to analyze where your advertising is performing well and where do you need to put more effort. If your PPC campaign is working well, you can simply take the ad content from your ad and put it in your meta titles and descriptions.

  • Get Professional Assistance

It’s better to join efficient SEO and PPC experts at White Links where both strategies can be used effectively for better results. The experts have better knowledge and expertise in utilizing them both at the same time and yielding expected results.

By optimizing both strategies, your site can rank well in search engine results, spread brand awareness, and get increased visibility in Google searches. This also results in more leads and revenue generation. Therefore, professional assistance can mean a lot instead of implementing the strategies separately with no help.


Many people wonder which is the best strategy, PPC or SEO? The fact is, both strategies are excellent in generating leads and traffic. Though SEO takes a bit more time, but it requires less investment. However, PPC gives fast results but it needs more investment. The more you invest, the more you gain. 

Luckily, you can gain benefits from both strategies faster, better, and smarter. how? By considering the help of White Links professionals who are experts in implementing PPC and SEO together. The company works with qualified professionals who have years of expertise in managing the strategies and delivering results based on clients’ expectations. 

So let’s make the most of both strategies and earn unlimited leads, traffic, and revenue strategically in no time.