Here’s Why You are Failing at SEO and How to Fix it?

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So, you have hired an SEO agency to rank your website at the top results. But it’s been more than three months and you still vying for leads, traffic, and revenue because your consultants are failed to generate the results you expected.

You must be wondering why your SEO strategy is failing while your competitors are ranking on the #1 page and you are stuck on #3.

When the frustration mounts, tons of questions run in your head like ‘should I work with another company?’, ‘why my strategy is not working?’, and ‘what techniques should I consider implementing?’

Well, we as an SEO company might not know all the reasons why your strategy is failing but after thorough testing and analysis, we have come up with some common and solid reasons that tell why you are failing at SEO and how to fix it.

In case, you want to figure out if there are any technical issues on my site that doesn’t let it rank, then read my article Technical SEO issues and reasons why you are not ranking. I hope it will clear more queries.

Let’s find out without wasting any more time, maybe you could find a key to fix your website today and fire your current agency. Possible, right?

Your Website is Slow and Affects Conversion Rates


We all know that website speed is extremely important today for increased rankings and results.

In 2010, Matt Cutts declared that the website speed will impact rankings. However, it might carry less weight than other significant factors like unique content, authority links, and others. 

Mobile browsing has already become a great part of how people find and interact with the site, which means your site should load faster on both desktops and mobile devices. According to research, 47% of audiences expect that your site will load in 2-3 seconds. If your site doesn’t load within that time, they will quickly close the window and move to your competitor’s website – which is probably a great loss for you. So, its important to follow website speed optimization tactics for good results

In fact, site speed also impacts conversion rates as major factor. To fix this issue, you can count on different site optimization tools that tell you how to fix the speed. Google has its own page speed tool that will help you solve your problem.

Your Content is Poor and Full of Mistakes


If you have paid a person to create a simple 500 words article with no focus on keywords for your site, then don’t expect it to rank. You need to invest in some high-value content that offers great help to audiences. The content should be any relevant infographic, video, and long-form article with images. 

When your content is poor, full of mistakes, and lacks primary keywords, then Google will never rank your site. Instead, it will give more importance to the one that gives real value to the audience. 

Create engaging, unique, and fresh content for your site that contains relevant keywords. You can even take the help of a content marketing agency that can help fix content-related issues efficiently.

You Don’t Have a Good Number of Inbound Links

Many people wonder, ‘Is link building dead?’ Well, the answer is, yes and no.

Earning good quality and quantity of links is an important ranking factor within Google’s algorithm. However, Google has been tweaking some links that allow you to pass the ranking value to your website. We can say that link building is not dead, but the way you earn links has evolved over the years.

So, links are still considered the primary variable in Google’s algorithm. If your website doesn’t have a good number of inbound links then it might not rank well in search engines.

Don’t think that you can purchase tons of backlinks from others. Links shouldn’t be purchased but must be generated. Your link-building strategy should be robust. Create content that is extremely powerful and engaging, and submit it to high authority websites, as it’s the best way to earn natural links.

If your website doesn’t have enough links, Google may see that your website is not authoritative and trustworthy so it won’t give it any value – which leads to zero ranking and leads.

You Have Hired a Poor SEO Company Based on Cheap Prices


This is another important factor to mention. 

Do you think that your company deserves to be handed over to the bunch of professionals who tarnish your brand name with poorly written content and several black hat tactics?

If not, then stop relying on cheap SEO agencies that market your business improperly and cause damage to your ranking and reputation. 

Instead, you need to partner with an SEO agency that follows a proven and holistic approach to rank your site that your users will love. Choose your agency based on previous client results. Find out if they are efficient enough to handle challenges and figure out what strategies they would implement to rank your website.

Your Site was Hacked


There are plenty of ways to find out whether your website is hacked or not. And the most obvious reason is when the hackers simply deface your website.

Most of the hackers prefer that the owner didn’t know about it because they want to get the most out of your site as long as they are not finished with their dirty tactics.

Here are the signs that your website is hacked.

  • You receive a notice from Google Webmasters that your website has been compromised.
  • Your site is defaced
  • When it redirects to a spammy website totally irrelevant to your service.
  • You notice big spikes in traffic from other countries


Ranking a website is crucial for every business owner. However, taking care of the above techniques is totally up to you because they are responsible to ruin the ranking and reputation of your business. So, if you think that your SEO is not working, then maybe these considerable factors are responsible for the low performance.

Make sure you work on them and fix them first. Or choose a good SEO agency that can do everything on your behalf.