5 Hacks for Building an Impressive Social Media Profile

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Whether you are an established brand or a newly emerged company in the industry, we are sure that you have been using social media platforms to make bonds and connections with your audience. Right?

But do you really think that you have an active and thriving social media presence? Is your brand better than your competitors? Or your profiles are just too ordinary to capture users’ attention?

Yes, we have specifically mentioned profiles because they are extremely important for your brand identity and overall recognition. If your profiles are empty or feature too less information, then chances are you will stay behind the race and not reach the level of some popular brands. 

So, what should you do to improve your social media profiles? 

Well, we can help you with that regard. In this article, we have mentioned some important hacks that help you build an impressive social media profile that attracts your relevant audience and also boost your reputation in the industry.

Choose a Good Username and Profile Image

Now that sounds quite obvious; every social media profile must have a good username and attractive profile image. But do you have that one?

You are required to choose a username that is relevant to your brand and reflects your services. Not only that, but it should be consistent on every social media channel so that people can easily find you by typing the same name. but sometimes, your preferred name is already taken. What should you do in that case?

Well, it’s simple. Find a close variant that better describe your services or products.

Besides, you should add a good profile image that reflects your services. Most brands choose their logo or its variations as display pictures, which is also a good practice. You can choose anything from a logo to an image that suits you the best.

Take Out Some Time to Complete Your Profile

This is the most important step to consider. Without it, you cannot manage to bring audiences to your profile.

So, you should never be too busy to leave the profiles incomplete and empty. The moment you create your social media profile, start filling in all the basic and advanced details so that your audience can know that your business really matters to you and you are very serious about it. 

Try to fill out every field requested by the social media platform. You never know which aspect attracts your audiences. If you are confused about the question, you can also check what other brands have been doing. So, it’s better to research it and don’t leave it empty as it will have negative impacts on your audiences.

When you fill your social media profile, you should create an immediate call-to-action that must lead to conversation and spark users’ interest. Whatever you mention in the fields, it must be easy to understand.

Never Compromise on Using Keywords

Yes, it’s not SEO, but both of these marketing methods are somewhat related to each other.

If you want to grow your brand successfully, you need to tell your audience everything about you and even about your existence. There is one easy way to do that besides running an ads campaign, make sure you are discoverable in Google searches as well. Your brand should be discoverable on Google – which is why you need to use the right set of keywords in your social media profiles. 

To understand which keywords are best to use, you can count on tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush as they will help you find out which keywords have been searched by your audience. But if you want to go for a more authentic approach, then it’s better to trust on keyword research agency where experts can help you find out the best keywords for your social profiles.

Showcase Your Work on Social Media Profiles

All the best brands in the market tend to showcase their previous work or mention client case studies on their profiles so that they can convince others about their effectiveness and performance.

You also need to follow the same approach.

If you really want to leave a great impression, you need to make sure that people can easily check out the best work you have done. But how will you do this?

You can simply pin the posts on your profile. Today, every social media channel supports pinning. Facebook and Instagram see it as highlights. Just follow the tactic and see how many people respond positively.

Do Not Forget to Add Links to Different Networks

As we all know that every business uses more than one social media channel.

If you are also using more than one social network, then you must want people to know about your work and other things that might engage them. That’s why it’s better to fill in all the other links to the profile as well.

If you have visited LinkedIn, you must have seen that it allows you to add a Twitter and your website link. Other than that, Facebook allows you to add your Instagram as well as other social media links. Pinterest also permits Facebook and Twitter links. By doing this, you can allow many people and brands to approach you and see various links.

While you add other links, it’s important to check whether they are working or not. If they are not working, then there would be a quite negative impact on your audience, which is definitely the last thing you would want.


If you are just getting started with social media marketing, then it is recommended to do your complete research and check what others are doing in your relevant niche. Besides, you can also get assistance from social media companies that help you establish a stable profile with every detail filled in the requested tabs. The experts can help you with different aspects so that you can attract more and more people every day.

If you are in the game already, take a look at your profile and analyze whether it can engage people or push them away?