5 Factors You Always Ignored to Improve Rankings but They Actually Work

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We all know that SEO is an ever-changing landscape. It’s extremely difficult to keep up with the latest developments. Especially if you are not an SEO professional, you cannot keep track of the latest changes in the industry. And unluckily, that’s the biggest disaster that most business owners face every month. 

They have the least knowledge about SEO, and they can’t keep up with the latest trends. As a result, their website ranks nowhere and they give competitors all the good chances to steal their customers.

That’s why working with smart SEO professionals is always a good idea. They know what’s going on in the industry and what strategies work to generate leads and outsmart others. If you have ever worked with a reliable SEO agency, you must know what I am talking about.

But if you haven’t, then, unfortunately, you cannot understand things deeply. On top of that, you are missing all the crucial factors that actually work, rank you higher, and beat your competitors.

So, let’s discuss them today and help you learn what important factors can ensure proficient growth and development in the long run.

Remove All Obtrusive Pop-ups


Building trust and authority with your visitors extremely important element of implementing the right SEO strategy. I know pop-ups are a very common marketing tool that can lead to a lot of amazing results when used correctly. But the fact is, these obtrusive popups designed poorly can also diminish the trust of your audience in a very detrimental way and badly affect the website rankings, reliability, and reputation.

After all, nobody wants to land on a site that has dozens of popups preventing them from reading engaging content and slowing down their ability to visit the contact or checkout page. That’s why it’s essential to eliminate unnecessary popups and not use them frequently. When users see the pop-ups, they get distracted and immediately leave your website which results in an increased bounce rate and zero conversions.

Improve Technical SEO

If you want to improve your overall performance and reliability, then it’s recommended to work on your technical SEO.

This is basically a process that ensures that your website is compatible with technical standards already set by search engines. Your website is meeting the ranking criteria and no technical issues are slowing the speed and performance. So, focus on three basic aspects of Technical SEO: page speed, mobile responsiveness, and security.

Mobile responsiveness and increased page speed are essential aspects of your technical SEO that can make or break the user experience. You can address both of these aspects while looking into your Core Web Vitals. When you work at your site’s security, make sure that it is secured with HTTPS. 

Search engines and visitors prefer secure web experiences and choose websites that are secured with an SSL Certificate, especially when it comes to collecting some personal information from audiences.

If you think that you cannot work on these factors on your own, then it is recommended to get professional help from a technical SEO company that can work on every technical factor to ensure increased ranking in search results.

Focus on Creating High-Quality Content


Many business owners ignore this most important factor. They believe that content is very important but they don’t know that ordinary content doesn’t work today. Competition is higher, and you cannot rely on some boring long-form paragraphs that just give useless information to the readers.

SEO is not about text and boring content. You need to think beyond boundaries. For example, creating video content is currently the biggest trend that is gaining much more popularity. 

That’s the reason, YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine today. Why? Because people watch YouTube, and there is a lot of informative video content that engages audiences and give them detailed guidelines through videos. If you are not considering this approach, then you are leaving out a big chunk of SEO as well as other content opportunities.

You can also make your content engaging by including different relevant videos in your content. Search engines always consider the quality of your site’s content as well as the length of time people stick around. If these things are according to Google standards, you can simply improve metrics in a short time.

Focus on On-Page SEO and Improve Things Even if You are Not a Coder

On-page SEO is extremely important when it comes to ranking high in search results. Focus on these elements first. Even if you are not a coder, you can still work on them and increase rankings.

  • Include main keyword phrases in your page titles, because Google first looks at them to determine which content seems relevant to which search
  • Make sure you choose major header tags for content hierarchy by starting it with the title at h1 and then using h2 or h3 for subheadings.
  • Your meta description should be highly engaging. It must entice readers so it’s better to include major keywords in it.
  • Always remember that meta descriptions should be short and catchy and must be around 160 characters
  • Also, use different relevant keyword phrases in image alt tags so you can show Google how those images are relevant to your page’s content.
  • Add alt tags as they will help people who are visually impaired to enjoy your content

Create Good Quality Links


Links are very important as they help your website rank high in search engine results. Focus on three major types of links, outbound links, inbound links, and internal links.

Make sure you follow all these backlinking types because they are the big ranking factors and can improve your site’s authority, recognition, and visibility in a short time.


SEO is a very demanding solution in today’s competitive era. You cannot run your online business without doing SEO. I know following all the above factors is quite challenging for many people because they don’t know which things work and what needs more attention. That’s why I recommend you to work with White Links professionals that have proven expertise and knowledge in SEO and can help deliver desired results in 4-6 months. The company has worked with tons of agencies in the past which makes it an ideal choice for every business. So, don’t think much, and just act… contact our specialists now and learn how can we help you in every regard.