Domain Authority vs Page Authority – What’s More Important?

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Did you know 90% of pages do not get any organic traffic from Google?

Most business owners think that an effective SEO strategy only includes the implementation of the right keywords and writing tons of content.

But what they usually forget is domain authority and page authority. We are sure that you must be familiar with these terms, which are created by MOZ – a SaaS company.

Domain Authority and Page Authority affect your ranking and overall position in Google. These are the simple metrics designed by MOZ that help you evaluate the ranking of your website and to check whether the site is authoritative or not. This means it’s important to work on both of the terms if you want Google to consider you a source of authority. 

However, many website owners get confused and wonder which term is most important? How should they build the authority? And what happens when domain authority or page authority is low?

Don’t worry, today we are going to cover all the elements of DA and PA so you won’t get confused again.

What is Domain Authority


Domain authority is a metric through which you can learn the status of your website against different competitors. Many people assume that it’s a search engine ranking score, but the fact is, it is not a ranking factor in Google. We have seen that websites with lower domain authority ranks higher than those with higher domain authority.

Actually, this metric is a brainchild of Moz, and we use it to predict whether the website will rank in search engine results or not. MOZ rates this DA score on a scale of 1-100. In this score 0 is the lowest, and higher scores like 60-100 correspond that your website may rank higher in search engine results.


How Can You Check the Domain Authority of Your Website?


You can check the DA of your site by using different tools including Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker as well as Moz’s Link Explorer

Enter the URL of your domain, and your tool will automatically check, calculate and display the actual domain authority.

Tips to Build DA of Your Website

As mentioned above, DA is not a ranking factor or even a Google-based element, it just indicates how effectively your website is performing over others in the competition.

You can build the DA to rank well as compared to other competing websites by following a few simple tips.

  • Make sure you build high-quality and relevant backlinks instead of increasing the number of links.
  • Always analyze the backlinks you get, if they are higher in quality, they must be do-follow links
  • Build engaging content that offers some value to the audiences, so you can get quality and natural links
  • Your content should be focused on your target audience so everyone can share it.
  • Update your older content and include some more relevant, additional, and unique information that may engage your audience.
  • Learn about your competition and evaluate what strategies they follow so you can implement them for your own website.
  • Find out where they get backlinks and check if you gain the links too
  • Your content should be versatile and distributed among multiple channels including social media, press releases, newsletters, and others.

What is Page Authority?


Page authority or PA looks like another important metric and one of the popular scores introduced by Moz. It predicts how your website will be ranked and positioned on SERPs. The score of page authority also ranks between 1-100 – the higher your score is the more chances you to get ranked on top positions in Google.

The metric is simply based on the web index data of Moz and different factors while calculating the final score.

Sometimes, SEO experts focus more on building PA because they believe Google considers higher PA for a ranking webpage. But generally, many people consider DA especially when it comes to submitting an article on websites with good domain authority scores.

How to Check the PA of Your Website?

There are plenty of SEO and online marketing tools available all across the internet that incorporate PA metrics. If you really want to know the page authority of some particular webpage, then you can check that easily with Moz ecosystem’s Link Explorer.

Tips to Build Page Authority of Your Website

Here are a few tips to follow for increasing the page authority of your website.

  • Create some direct links to the page you wish to rank and optimize. Link building basically starts from the page level, so you need to focus on that first. You can create engaging, in-depth, and well-researched content to develop a resource for your audience.
  • You need to distribute the page authority all across your site and page that have less PA. When you manage link equity, it can boost the PA and help you spread the link juice all over the site. For optimizing pages on your site, you can get a link from higher PA pages, and also check if they’re contextually relevant or not.
  • Every page must have valuable content. It shouldn’t be thin, weak, or short. But the pages should be unique, easy to understand and cover every topic and angle.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority: What’s More Important?

You must be looking for the answer that which metric is more important. Well, the surprising thing is, that both of these terms are extremely important for Google. You need to focus on every part of your SEO strategy to rank well.

If you want to work on an effective but short-term strategy, you should focus on building PA first. The reason is, that PA can be built faster than DA. If you want to get traffic on a specific page of your site, then following this strategy is extremely good.

The higher your PA score is, the better your DA will be.

However, only focusing on PA is not a great strategy. You should focus a lot on building high DA as it’s a long-term strategy because it can help your site rank well in Google search results.

Building DA takes some time, but besides you will increase the potential to rank many pages on your site as well.

Since working on both of these terms is quite challenging, especially for new website owners. That’s why relying on a good agency that can build both DA and PA for your site is probably the right decision. The experts implement all the strategies that deliver amazing results in no time. So why risk the reputation and ranking of your website with low metrics?

Think about it and then come back to us at White Links for a better strategy to run your website.