Conversion Optimization – 7 Quick Ways to Boost Sales

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Getting tons of traffic every single day to your website is an extremely exciting and astonishing thing for business owners. But what if that traffic is not converting according to your expectations?

People come and visit your site, but what if they don’t download your e-book, never subscribe to the newsletters, or never click the contact us button?

Surely, there will be no point in having a platform which is failed to convert people. Why? Because the main purpose of having a website is getting sales. If you are failed to meet that goal, then why spend time and money?

Well, if you are experiencing the same problem, then it’s time to follow the tips given by the experts of White Links – a platform designed to improve your conversions and boost sales!

So, let’s find out what are the quick ways to boost sales and increase conversions.

Use Thoughtful Headings

Headings are undoubtedly the first thing every visitor sees after landing on your website. But what happens if they don’t find your headings attractive or engaging? They will immediately leave your site and might not take any interest.

Your heading is actually a kind of indirect sales pitch that you need to wrap in one bold sentence that captures the audience’s attention the moment they come across it. It should pique the curiosity of your audience, answer some common question, solve an issue, or might be instructional. 

These are some popular types of headlines that are pretty impactful and promote quick lead generation.

  • Direct headlines
  • Question headlines
  • How to headlines
  • Problem-solving headlines

When your heading is not properly constructed, you will risk the chance of losing potential customers.

Create Engaging and High-Quality Content


The next tip for quick conversions is, to create high-quality and engaging content.

When you are selling some service or product, persuasive language matters a lot. And when your customers do not find any useful information during 2-3 seconds, they won’t engage further and immediately quit the window. 

Your content should be thoughtful, engaging, high-quality, easy to understand, and informative. Therefore, make sure that your words are alluring and jargon-free so that can easily describe all your products and services. Moreover, you need to use bold text in very eye-catching colors. 

Harness the Power of Effective Call to Action


Using an effective call to action is key to generating sales and engagement. 

It gives your customers a clear directive and helps you convey a message. No matter where you feature them on your website, they should be strategically placed and must have some clear motivation that encourages your audiences to take action. 

Call to action sparks customers’ interest as well as guides them through the sales funnel journey. Your CTAs should be short, engaging, action-oriented, clear, and evoke urgency. 

Perform Speed Optimization


According to research, more than 40% of people bounce back from a website that takes time to load. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it means the website needs serious speed optimization techniques because even a 1-second delay in loading can cause a 7% delay in conversions. And this is something very serious for business owners.

That’s the reason, you need to continually test the mobile and desktop speeds, and follow all the steps & instructions that will help optimize and streamline your website. Because when it comes to maintaining customer engagement, retention, and higher conversion rates, you shouldn’t waste a single second. Agreed?


Maintain Simple Navigation


Your purpose is to engage the audience and convert them for more sales and leads. Right? Then why confuse them with complicated navigations? Keep the navigation simple and understandable so that your customers do not wander in search of the required service or product.

The simpler your website navigation is, the more chances to have leads and engagements. And this will probably lead to an increased conversion rate.

However, if the navigation is complex and confusing, your audience won’t waste more than 30 seconds in finding out their desired page. Make sure every page is properly aligned and displayed at the menu bar with scroll-down options. This will further make their experience easier and simpler. Also, add popular links to your sidebar as they direct traffic to different pages on your website.

Always Display Testimonials and Reviews

If you want to build trust, credibility, and authority, then the best way is to display testimonials and reviews from your current customers.

The reason is, that these reviews are proof that everything being pitched is 100% true. You are showing people that your services are authentic, reliable, and trustworthy. Imagine when 100+ people speak positively about your services, what would be the impact on your visitors? They must get impressed and love to choose your services.

According to research, 92% of the audience trusts a recommendation from their friends, and 70% of people trust a recommendation from someone they don’t know. This means testimonials and reviews are essential to display as they are a big factor in improving conversions.

Develop a Distraction Free Landing Page

You must have heard that landing pages should be engaging as they are the first in making a positive impression.

So, the #1 priority of every landing page with different calls to action is to sell your products and services. If there is something that distracts people from the objective, then you need to immediately remove it from the website.

It is recommended to develop a landing page that has no sidebar, does not feature any unnecessary text or media as well as removes everything that draws attention away from the main objective. When you remove links from the landing pages, it will help boost conversion rates.


Have you ever tried the above-mentioned ways for increased conversions? If not yet, then what are you waiting for? Oh wait, you cannot do them without professional assistance? Don’t worry, White Links is one of the trustable marketing agencies that can help boost your conversion rates in no time. Consult with our professionals today and let us implement all the strategies that result in quick sales and lead generation.