10 Colors that are More Effective in Marketing and Boosting Sales

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“Color is a power which directly influences the soul”. 

What a beautiful quote by a Russian painter Wassily Kandisky.

If you are a marketer or a graphic designer, we are sure that you must know how colors play a vital role in the success of your marketing campaign. There are lots of specific colors that stir different emotions in your customers. Hence, it sets a proper brand identity and motivates purchases as well.

When you learn more about the psychology of colors, you can design more powerful ads and logos that captivate the audience’s attention. After all, a specific color gives your customers a subconscious understanding of your brand.

That’s the reason if you have never thought about implementing specific colors for marketing purposes, then it’s time to think about it deeply and seriously.

So, whether you wear red clothes in a sales meeting or choose red for your leaflets, it will have a certain impact on your prospects while seeing that bright color. Let’s find out what the top colors are more effective marketing and help boost sales of your products.

Red – The Color of Power

Red is usually considered the color of power and authority.

It grabs your audience’s attention quickly and involves them mentally towards your ad. That’s the reason, it is the most popular color used in marketing. You may have noticed that the word “SALE” is always written in red. Why?

Because it is bold, bright, and instantly captures the audience’s attention even if they are least concerned or involved in your ad. 

Blue – Viewed as Trustworthy and Cool

Do you want to be viewed as trustworthy, reliable, and cool in the eyes of your customers? If yes, then blue is your color.

Blue has tons of shades. So, you need to pick the right shade very carefully that is properly aligned with your message. Blue is often a color of peace and relaxation. And softer than red or black especially when you use it for writing ad text. 

Graphic designers also mix blue with different complementary shades to yield the best results.

Green – Evoke Feelings of Harmony, Health, and Safety

Green is a soft and happy color that evokes feelings of health, harmony, loyalty, and safety. It also makes people feel welcome. 

Have you ever noticed that general stores tend to use green more frequently? 

It’s just because they want to make feel customers more relaxed and joyed. The color encourages people to be more decisive. It even reminds them of the freshness and beauty of nature. So, if your brand promotes something eco-friendly, then this is the right color to choose. 

Many brands also associate color with money, which leads consumers to associate the brand with a sense of wealth.

Pink – Attention Capturing Color

Pink is often considered an attention-capturing color that is responsible to evoke hope, excitement, and inspiration. It reminds people about childhood and playfulness. 

This is also a common color for brands focused on selling baby products, kid’s toys, or makeup products. Many brands have used pink color to target young female consumers while providing them with pink versions of their products.

Purple – A Color of Royalty

Purple is another bright color that often highlights royalty, and reminds people of elegance, sophistication, and respect. 

There are lots of beauty and anti-aging products that are available in purple packaging. Especially “soaps” and “body lotions” available in purple color instantly grabs the attention of females. Purple also looks mysterious which seems effective for quirky brands.

Yellow – Give People Feelings of Motivation

Many brands prefer to use yellow for advertisements. They also use it for their website because the color evokes feelings of happiness and positivity.

It also gives your customers feelings of hope, encouragement, motivation, and optimism. People use yellow for exhibiting caution as it creates a lighter mood. However, it also causes a sense of anxiety in many people, while exciting others and making them happy. There are a few shades of yellow that also indicate affordability.

So, if your products and services are more affordable than your competitors, you can brilliantly use shades of yellow. Hopefully, it helps boost sales.

Gold – Related to Glamour and Victory

Have you ever seen ads in gold colors? If yes, then what feelings do they evoke? Maybe the feelings of luxury, glamour, expensiveness, and whatnot.

Gold is actually a luxury color that you probably see in the advertisements of luxury brands. It is related to glamours. So, there are tons of soaps, makeup products, and facial items that are sold and advertised in gold shades. 

People associate it with luxury and expensiveness, which automatically makes your product high-end and unforgettable. 

Now the tricky element of gold color is, that some of its shades look closer to yellow, which portrays the products much cheaper. So, if you want to use this color in marketing, make sure you use high-quality and shimmery golden hues with a mix of red and brown tones.

Black – A Color of Stability and Strength

Black is related to the feelings of power, stability, luxury, and strength. Sometimes, it looks like an overwhelming choice when you add too much of it.

However, it also conveys luxury, decency, sophistication, and mystery. This is a highly flexible color choice as it is both modern and traditional color. It looks extremely appropriate when you pair it with contrasting colors.

So, if you want to look dominant and grab the instant attention of your audience, make sure you create ads in black.

Brown – Known for Comfort and Relaxation

Unlike black, brown is not an overwhelming color choice. Instead, it is a soft and earthy tone that is known for comfort and lending relaxation to customers. 

Many brands who sell food items prefer to use brown as it creates the vibes of deliciousness and good taste.

Orange – Fun, Energetic, and Exciting Color

Orange gives energy. It is a fun and exciting color that can be used in any color. Even real estate business owners can also use the color as it is bright and set the mood. It comes with a lot of attention-getting properties, which makes it cool and powerful. It makes your customers feel that they are dealing with a reputable company and thus, they trust faster.

Have You Ever Used These Colors in Your Marketing Campaign?

The above-mentioned color choices are already tested and proven. They deliver awesome results when used carefully in your marketing campaigns. Have you ever used any of  above mentioned colors ?If not yet, then let us know. At White Links, we help you build result-oriented marketing campaigns while taking care of everything that matters to win the trust of your customers. Give us a call, discuss your project, and let’s get started.