4 Brands That Build a Killer Digital Marketing Campaign

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In today’s ever-changing digital marketing landscape, it’s hard to examine what works for your brand, and what doesn’t. Especially if you are an established brand in the industry, you need to be very careful. After all, it’s a matter of your reputation and credibility. Right?

But what I believe is, that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I mean, just deeply analyze the top brands in the industry and figure out what they are up to? What marketing methods do they implement and what reinforces their customers to trust more?

And that’s not even difficult. But the problem is, there is so much misinformation spreading across the world, which may misguide you and it looks hard to figure out. 

To remove that confusion among the newly launched agencies or the ones who want to grow and beat competitors, we have come up with examples of top brands that build a killer digital marketing campaign. And literally, they are the best. You can also learn from them to pave the way for success.


Netflix’s marketing strategy is literally brilliant, and I think no other brand can compete with this.  This super amazing streaming service is always on the ball when it comes to watching the latest movies or TV shows. With an ever-growing audience of 222 million subscribers in the world, the brand is the leader of the best entertainment providers.

But have you ever wondered how Netflix keeps its customers engaged?

Personalization is key.

They market their brand in an extremely effective and personalized way that 91% of consumers say that they want to engage with the business that sends them direct offers which are very meaningful. I mean it doesn’t pressurize customers to watch this. Instead, it sends alerts based on the customer’s interest, browsing habits, and recently watched movies.

Netflix doesn’t bombard you with unlimited useless suggestions. They know what interests their customers, so they send relatable emails and notifications rather than sending a bucket-load of useless content. 

If you are a digital marketer, make sure you stagger the emails to get staggering outcomes. It sends simple yet personalized notifications to get amazing responses from its subscribers.


With a huge community of renters and hosters, Airbnb is the biggest flying name in the travel industry that have more than 150 million active users.

But what’s the key to their success? They built trust and credibility for their brand – primarily through excellent influencer marketing.

Yes! they have more than 1 billion active users on Instagram and considered a lot of influencer marketing strategies to popularize their brand. This means Instagram is the best channel for influencer marketing as it allows celebrities and top Instagrammers to work for brands that pay them hefty amounts.

Airbnb became partnered with a lot of big names in the industry so they can generate a strong buzz and develop top brand awareness. For example, Mariah Carey shared one Instagram post in 2015 on the Airbnb property which has gained more than 50,000 likes and this was probably the first post of the brand endorsed by a celebrity.

Even recently, the brand announced 600,000 new dog-friendly properties while celebrating national dog week in the US. When they announced this, Airbnb became partnered with Marnie the Dog, which is a four-legged Instagram celebrity and has over 1.3 million followers. It posted a video of her enjoying herself in a luxurious mansion.

If your brand needs more success, maybe you need to invest more in different strategies like influencer marketing or social media marketing as they are currently the top ways to get recognized in the saturated industry.


I think none of us likes the fear of missing out (FOMO). Right?

So, what if you instill a great sense of urgency into the customers? 

This is surely the best way of ensuring people act on opportunities that they usually leave and then totally forget about them.

It’s not much common for a business to skip some time-based elements to their business model. Whether it’s related to limited stock, special offers, or sales, many businesses can think of something that can light a fire under their targeted customers. For example, Starbucks advertised a limited-time special offer on their seasonal drink.

They didn’t want to push their offer so hard. Because just imagine you have received an email from a brand that feels like a ticking bomb. It’s important to add a bit of urgency to the customers, but it should never feel like you are forced to do this. Instead, it should attract you and you automatically crave to go and accept the offer.

If you offer a special deal or discount, then adding an element of aggressiveness is also a great idea. For example, “Don’t miss out on this, it’s only for today.”


Who isn’t aware of the biggest brand Nike?

Besides amazing services and products, they create brilliant adverts to captivate the interest of their audiences. Their recent favorites involved an AI bot.

Nike partnered with Facebook Messenger’s chatbot platform in 2018 so they can promote their Jordan brand. Now the purpose of the bot was to provide content from the Jordan blog and their website to Facebook followers of Nike via Messenger.

People could easily interact with the bot and check the latest releases. Not only that, but they could also customize some elements like the time of receiving notifications. This was a great success for them, as they saw 87% open rates which are definitely quite more enormous than the usual 21.3% open rate for emails.

Next Step?

We all know that these brands did a lot of effort to achieve success. They went the extra mile, and experienced failures, and different fluctuations. But they gave up. They tried implementing the latest marketing strategies to set themselves apart from others. That’s the next step for you too. Work with the best digital marketing agency that can help take your brand to the next level through the right strategies and techniques. After all, you also want to achieve unlimited success and recognition like them, right?