6 Golden Rules of Designing a Good Visiting Card

6 Golden Rules of Designing a Good Visiting Card
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I know it sounds obvious that “who needs the rules of designing a visiting card when all we have are digital communications nowadays”. But the fact is, visiting cards are still pretty relevant in the face to face meetings, conferences, and business gatherings.

When you attend a conference where lots of clients and brands are interacting, how will you introduce yourself and the company when you don’t have a visiting card in your pocket? You cannot share the URL of your website or links to social media pages while interacting with someone face-to-face. You obviously need a medium that already has some specific details about your company and its operations.

And probably nothing can be a better medium than visiting cards.

But how can you ensure that this small card will represent your business well and attract your potential clients? There are a few rules to design a good visiting card that can attract eyes as soon as they interact. Let’s find out some amazing rules to design an awesome business card for your brand.

  • Include the Most Important Details First:

First, you need to include some highly relevant and basic information that piques the interest of your clients and makes your visiting card as memorable as possible. I know it’s quite tempting to reduce your font size and include different tasks or jobs you have done in the past. You cannot add testimonials and references to your card, as it will overload the information and nothing will be kept in the memory of your recipient. 

Skip all these irrelevant details and save them for your official website. Instead, include these basic details in your visiting card.

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Contact numbers
  • Website URL
  • Social media handles

You can also add a slogan for your brand to captivate more interest, or maybe a QR code, as well as your headshot.

  • Always Use Readable Fonts:

Readable fonts make your business card much more attractive and inspiring. Your recipients can easily read them as soon as they hold. But when you use funky or playful fonts, they divert the attention and nobody can grab the real concept. Funky fonts are fun but they are only useful for entertainment-related businesses. The fonts you are using for your business should be readable, not too small, and not too fancy. They shouldn’t be distorted in any way.

Your logo should also be the center element of attraction. It must add spice to the card so make sure your logo is more prominent and the text is simple.

  • Leave Some White Space:

Sometimes your clients or recipients jot down something on the visiting card to help jog the memories. That’s why it’s important to use white space effectively. Include content on only one side of the card and don’t stuff it with images or information. Allow your recipient to read the details easily and have some white space as well so if someone wants to add something, they can easily do it.

Talking about the design perspective, white space also helps draw some attention to the space that has text or a logo. So, it seems effective when you have decent white space on the card.

  • Focused on Your Brand:

Your brand is everything to you. In fact, you are giving a business card to someone so that they can remember your brand and do check your services.

So, how do you want your recipients to think about your brand? Are you attracting them or distracting them through irrelevant details?

If you are a design company, always ensure that your visiting card reflects your creative aesthetic. If you are an event planner, then don’t hesitate to use bold and bright colors. But if you are a financial consultant or a marketing company, your visiting card design should be simple, professional, and decent.

  • Do Not Forget to Add a Call to Action:

Call-to-action buttons are not only important for your official website but also for your visiting card. 

Even a simple business card should have a valuable call to action or any special offer that captivate your recipient’s interest. It’s recommended to use an attractive message along with a special discount offer, that directs your recipients to the website using a QR code. Or even provide some tips that are useful for your recipients and clients.

With a specific call to action or other useful information, you can easily make your visiting card memorable as well as generate lots of leads.

  • Use Good Finishing Options:

When it comes to finishing the card, there are already countless options available. You can either choose rounded corners, die cuts, holes punched through, unusual shapes and sizes, embossing, or go for foil accents as well as fold options. By implementing these styles, you can turn your simple card into a mini brochure that attracts eyes as soon as you give them to the recipients. When you consider these ideas, your card might stand out from others and look amazing.

However, if adding this kind of creative touch is not relevant to your brand, then you should avoid adding these finishing options and rather choose a simple finishing for a classic look. A black and glossy card could also frustrate recipients as it looks irrelevant and extra fashionable. You should also avoid a circular cut or miniature size, as it can make the card easy to lose.


An attractive, relevant, and engaging visiting card is all you need to grab your visitor’s attention. If your card is failed to capture interest, remember, nobody will ever bother to contact you or visit your social media links. 

To make things effective, you can contact professional visiting card designers who can help design a stunning card by keeping all the golden rules and tips in mind. The experts are qualified enough in understanding your needs and trends, so you can always expect maximum output from them. 

Visit White Links and check for more design services if you want to stand out among others.