5 Tips to Reduce the Spam Score of Your Website to 1%

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Does Google think that your website is spam? Is your website failed to rank anywhere due to a higher spam score? 

If yes, then you are far from alone in this! 

Hundreds of websites exist with higher spam scores and website owners do not understand ways to reduce the score for high ranking and positioning. 

In fact, many people don’t even know that websites with higher spam scores and low genuine value are not considered beneficial by Google. As a result, it tries to stiff them out and give lower ranking in search results.

If you don’t take any proper measures or don’t try to reduce the spam score of your website, Google could consider it a low-quality website which could even lead to a temporary or permanent penalty. 

So, how can you avoid all that mess to happen? It’s simple, follow these tips to reduce the spam score of your website to 1%.

How to Check the Spam Score of Your Website?

Before we proceed to the tips, it’s important to know how to check the spam score of your website and what are the higher values of spam score.

If you think that your website might look like spam, install the Moz tool and it will give you insights into all the basic metrics which even tell you the spam score of your website.

The values of spam scores are:

  • 1-30% = low
  • 31-60% = medium
  • 60-100% = higher

How to Reduce the Spam Score of Your Website?

Now let’s find out some amazing ways to reduce the spam score of your website to 1%.


  • Do Not Choose Dodgy Domain Extensions:

If you have already got a domain and built your site on it, then it’s time to reconsider everything, especially if the domains are suspicious and look dodgy. 

According to Moz, you need to choose some top-level domain extensions which primarily include .com or.co.uk. Spam domains do not tend to use these. If you don’t want to raise a potential red flag, then you need to choose these domains and avoid the ones that end with .rest, .buzz, .work, .tk,  .fit, .cf, .ga, and others.

  • Avoid Adding Thin Content:

We all know that Google penalizes websites that have poorly written content. Not only that, your spam score could exceed 60% if the content is thin on your website or contains copied content.

Your website must have high-quality content about relevant topics and services you provide. Your audience needs authentic information about the services you provide and you do this by sharing high-quality, unique, and fresh content along with proper keywords.

Your audiences are looking for something engaging that offers them some value. So, you need to ensure that your website offers accurate information. That’s why creating good quality and unique content is a basic requirement for reduced spam scores.

  • Build High-Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are extremely important when it comes to reducing the spam score of your website. Backlinks help Google to understand the overall authority of your website.

So, you need to build different high-quality backlinks from social media channels, blogs, forums, directories, press releases, etc. When you build backlinks, you need to ensure that you follow the proper guidelines outlined by Google.

Therefore, it’s important to build backlinks from some high-quality sites and blogs. Make sure the links are related to the services you offer and your niche. With quality backlinks, your spam score will automatically reduce to 0. The reason is, that these links help Google understand that your website is authoritative and offers useful information.

  • Do Not Use a Lengthy Domain Name:

Remember the time when website owners used to put a full keyword inside the domain? Well, things are changed today.

It is not recommended to put the whole keyword inside your domain because it will make the domain name too lengthy. You need to use short, easy-to-remember, straightforward, and understandable domain names that people can memorize. Make sure you don’t go over 63 characters or else your domain could be considered spammy.

Search engines like Google always prefer short, easy-to-understand, and concise URLs. Lengthy and complicated URLs are rarely used today on every legitimate site. Therefore, a spammy website that tends to use lengthy URLs is likely to get flagged as spam.

At White Links, we recommend you change your domain name immediately if you receive any red flags because they could be harmful to the website. Make sure you work with the right SEO agency that can help you with that.

  • Use a Backlink, Disavow Tool:

If your website has tons of low-quality and unnatural backlinks, then it’s time to remove all of them immediately by using the link disavow tool. It will help you eliminate all kinds of bad links that harm the authority and position of your website.

Therefore, it’s also recommended to work with a link disavow agency that has proven expertise in using Google’s Disavow Tool. By implementing the tactics, the experts can tell Google to ignore all the specific pages. In this way, your website won’t have any bad backlinks that can harm the authority of your website.

Google recommends you to use this tool only when you have tons of bad links pointing to your website. These links can damage your reputation and never let you rank in top positions. 

If you want to get rid of a bunch of annoying links, do not use the tool. Instead, send polite emails and ask the owners to remove the link that’s pointing to your website.

Want to Reduce the Spam Score of Your Website?

So, your website’s spam score is getting higher and you don’t understand what to do with it? 

Well, it’s time to get help from the best SEO agency that can offer reliable assistance in reducing the spam score of your website and make it look 100% authentic, reliable, and beneficial website for the audience. Do not waste any more time and get proper consultation from our experts today.