5 Amazing Marketing Facts to Start Your Day

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Digital marketing has become the backbone of every online and offline business. if your company is still relying on traditional advertising methods, you are missing out on 71% audience who is using social media. This means, no traffic on your website, no leads, and of course, no revenue.

So today we decided to write an article specifically for people who are still not leveraging the power of digital marketing. I hope this will be an eye-opening post for you because here I have mentioned some amazing marketing facts that you never knew before.

Without wasting any more time, let’s continue and find out why marketing is currently the best solution to your business needs.

Videos are Performing 5x Better than Simple Text

Did you know videos on landing pages increase conversions by 88% more than normal posts? Not only that, but 20% of people will read your text and 80% of audiences will directly watch the video. 

We all know how difficult it is to reach a potential audience and convert them, but if you use videos correctly, you can easily convert as many people as possible. In fact, people on Facebook prefer to watch videos as compared to simple text updates. The reason is, that their algorithm has changed dramatically and according to studies, video posts can usually reach more than 12.05% of a page’s audience.

Though that’s not too much today, but at least, it’s better than images and texts that have (11.63%) conversion rates and (4.56%) conversion rates relatively.

There are plenty of forms of video content that engage the audience. Live streaming is still an important part that helps run a very successful marketing campaign. In fact, we have found that 65% of the audience prefer to receive information through videos as well as live streaming.

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Win the Game

Who imagined the involvement of artificial intelligence in digital marketing a few years ago? But today, AI has become a very interesting element and people are using it to increase sales and leads effectively. Though many marketers are still not incorporating it because they don’t know the benefits, but plenty of business owners are relying on AI for generating backlinks in SEO.

Based on the analysis of Economist Intelligence, more than 75% of business executives believe that AI will become a major part of their company and people will only use it for marketing purposes. 79% of marketers also believe that AI is going to make their job a lot less easy and efficient.

Currently, there are lots of companies that are dealing with things using artificial intelligence without the intervention of human beings. 

Timing Matter A lot

Very few people know that, when you post a tweet about your business, its lifespan will be around 18 minutes. 

Now this means that all the engagement you receive on the tweet is only within the first 18 minutes. So, make sure you utilize those 18 minutes in the best way possible so that you can get the most out of it and engage as many people as possible.

The thing is, timing matters a lot today even more than ever. You will see tons of new content appear online every day. now you need to manage the time and find out the what’s the best time when your audience is active and can respond well to the content you posted. Remember, each network has different timing and engagement rate so you will have to follow accordingly. 

When you post the right content at the right time, then it’s guaranteed that you will receive tons of appreciation and leads in minutes.

Marketing Automation is Getting Effective

According to an estimate, more than 92% of businesses lose tons of money every single month just because they ignore the importance of marketing automation.

However, it’s important to be very relevant and personal to streamline communication with customers, but it is also believed that automation can add great value as well as enhance engagement and save time. It plays a great role in increasing your sales cycle.

According to our opinion, marketing automation will get more powerful in the next years and there will be tons of new features that further make email marketing and other techniques easy.

So, ignoring marketing automation will definitely be a disaster for your business.

A Picture is Still Much More Effective Than Text-Based Content

According to several studies and analyses, marketers who use images instead of long-form texts, always receive better engagement. We can say the same thing about tweets as well. We have reviewed more than 3 million tweets recently and found out that tweets with images have gained a lot of positive reviews and feedback, than tweets with no images. 

It’s very easy to share text-based content. You can do it within seconds. But the internet is already populated with this. If you want to be unique and encourage more engagement, then you need to put some effort which can be only done by creating lots of good visuals.

You can upload a photo on Twitter and tag many people in the post. If this is helpful for them, they will definitely concentrate and spend some minutes on it.


Do you agree with those 5 simple marketing facts I mentioned above? If yes, then I am sure you must be looking for some unique marketing strategies to implement and generate better results. 

If you cannot do that by yourself or have less time to manage things, then relying on a good marketing agency like White Links is always a great choice. The experts have sound knowledge and expertise in marketing and can help create robust plans that deliver amazing results in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and run successful marketing campaigns for your business today.