Let’s Remove All the Nasty Links that Steal Your Rankings!

Are you confused about how, when, and why to disavow bad links? Well, you are not alone in this. Let us help you understand why disavowing backlinks is important.

Believe it or Not - But Your Backlinks are Working AGAINST You!

It may sound hard to believe that backlinks are causing any harm to your site. But that’s true. You have created excellent content, great on-page SEO, and everything up to the mark. But still, you are nowhere in Google search results. Why?

Because you have tons of low-quality links pointing to your site. And that’s where you need the help of link disavowing!

Manually conducting the laborious process of link disavowing can be challenging. Opting for our bad link removal services presents the ultimate solution for your website. Our experts disavow links, signaling to Google that these links negatively impact your website’s performance and stability. While the link remains, this action prompts the search engine to disregard such links when determining rankings.

What Happens When We Disavow Bad Links?

You must be thinking what would happen when you disavow all the bad links? Well, disavowing bad links is a daunting process our professionals efficiently handle. We request a search engine ignore certain links that point to your domain.

If the process gets successful, the link won’t be counted in favor or against your website in terms of ranking or reputation. Our experts disavow bad links in the Google search console or sometimes use different authoritative tools so that we can clean up your site from unnatural links.

What Type of Links Should You Disavow?

Most websites do not need to use link disavow tools. There are a few circumstances when you have to submit a file to disavow bad links.

Unnatural Links

When you find toxic links, it's time to get rid of them. In case your website is facing a manual penalty due to different link-building practices, then you should consider disavowing bad links to remove the penalty.

However, if your site is connected with Google Search Console then it will notify you immediately if there is a manual action taken on your website. At that time, you can easily find out the links that are affecting your site’s performance.

Directory Links

A few years ago, creating backlinks on several online directories was considered to be a great practice. Maybe you are guilty of it today because these are the harmful links that need to be removed immediately.

If you can easily remove them manually, then it's good. But sometimes, that’s not possible which is why our experts submit a file to disavow bad links that are created on directories and now creating problems for your site.

Comment Links

Another tactic is to spam comments on different blogs and add keyword-rich comment, which most services have been doing today. However, it is a wrong practice and strictly condemned by our experts at White Links.

If you have created backlinks from directories, comments, and editorials, then our experts immediately take notice and follow all the steps to disavow them as soon as possible.

Benefits of Disavowing
Bad Links

backlink cleanup services

Utilizing our backlink cleanup services, your site will undergo a thorough cleansing, ridding it of all detrimental links.

Stops Sites from
Linking to You

When you use the link disavowing tool, you stop different irrelevant sites from linking to you.

Stop Receiving
Spammy Traffic

You won’t receive any spam comments or traffic from harmful or irrelevant sites.

Tools to Disavow Bad Links

There are plenty of tools we use to disavow bad links. Some of the tools are free while some of them are paid. The most commons tools we use are SEMrush, Moz, Majestic, and Google Search Console.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Disavowing bad links means you are discarding all the harmful links pointing to your site and affecting your performance.

We disavow artificial, spammy, unnatural, and low-quality backlinks that affect your website’s ranking and reputation.

According to Google, it doesn’t notify you about toxic links. The search engine just ignores them and doesn’t consider them.

Well, the process takes 1,2 days. But sometimes it also takes 2-3 months depending upon the quality and quantity of bad links.